Happy Thanksgiving – Journey South – Being spoiled

Did we tell you we LOVEEEEEE Annapolis? The view, the races right in front of our boat, the location….

Sunday Nov. 22 we continued to explore Annapolis and met with our friends for dinner. We met Rebecca and Joseph at a YouTube gathering at UK Sailmakers in Port Chester, NY in early 2020. They ended up buying our neighbor and friend’s Hans sailboat. We connected with them like love at first sight and have stayed in touch ever since!

Monday we ran to Trader Joe’s and Home Depot…. Annapolis has everything!

In the evening we did a sunset Dingy cruise so picturesque!

As we work we wanted to move to our next destination on Wednesday or Thursday (Thanksgiving) but the winds were not in our favor so we got up really early on Tuesday before work and made our way to the Solomon Islands where we wanted to visit Rebecca and Joseph at their home marina.

Another uneventful journey (the best) we arrived in the pretty Solomon Islands safely. Docked…. The wrong way we found out…..how we will get the Dingy off the boat….

We also had the honor to join more of the company of our friends Rebecca & Joseph including celebrating Thanksgiving breakfast with Rebecca’s family and the best despite the rainy forecast we had the most beautiful warm Thanksgiving ever! Also this two are spoiling us…. ..brought us steps so we don’t have to do high athletic workout to get off and on our boat….loaned us their car…cooked the most delicious curry….and are just most beautiful two human beings!

So grateful for each other and each of you in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Saturday Nov. 21st – Journey South – Too good to be true

We love the little town Chesapeake City which is half way into the C&D canal, going from Delaware to Maryland. We were able to stay an entire week at the free City Dock…what a luxury.

We tried to give back to the town by eating outside and shopping. All people were so friendly and welcoming.

We also enjoyed our first bike ride on the other side of the canal which brought us over the Delaware / Maryland state boarder. It was though scary to cross on the “highway” bridge over to get to the bike trail.

We got a lot of work done as well with perfect internet access.

On Friday after business calls, we left for an overnight stay at Worton Creek. The anchorage was very pretty with no other boats.

It was a clear sky and we put some warm clothes on to watch the stars, lying on top of our boat.

In the morning we woke up with the birds chirping, apparently you can see eagles and osprey when you are lucky, unfortunately we were not that lucky.

After enjoying the sunrise with a coffee we made our way to Annapolis.

The water was so flat and we were skimming over the water. After a short time we could see already the Chesapeake Bay bridge.

Our way (yellow line) from Worton to Annapolis

We have been in Annapolis before but staying just in front of the city in the mooring area is definitely our favorite spot.

Second picture below on the right – my finger pointing to our boat.

There is a free dinghy dock so we can go quickly into town.

Before picking up a mooring ball we took on some Diesel, can you believe that we paid less than $2 per gallon? Especially with our Diesel consumption of 18 GAL an hour, this was a big saving. We using a lot the generator to charge the batteries and the heater, both running with Diesel as well.

We hoped to meet up with our courages couple from Cape May, but Hunter was sailing two days almost non stop so they wanted to rest, but we were able to wave to them when he picked up Tiawni from the dock.

We also met a nice Dutch couple in Chesapeake City who are moored right next to us. They are the coolest – love Trader Joe’s as much as me and brought even a few things back from their excursion there. We met them for dinner and enjoyed inspiring talks. We shall meet again.

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Sunday Nov. 15th – Our Journey South – Rest Day

Sunrise Today

We started our day with a great run along the C&D Canal, by a Cemetery and back to Chesapeake City.

Then we got ready to meet our newest god child Lucas and his family. We were so excited to meet Lucas for the first time and had an amazing day together.

After our lovely family left we called the Dockmaster …. the wind forecast were gusting up to 50…. and we wanted to ask if it would be possible to stay another night or so at their free dock (max stay is normally 24 hours). The Dockmaster was so nice and told us we could. We felt so relieved and grateful.

Now listening to the storm from our comfortable dock

We wish everybody a great week and will report back when we move again.

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Saturday Nov. 14th – Our Journey South

It was hard to leave the City of Lewes… after a great day we had an amazing dinner at Striper Bites sitting outside in 12 C temperature but it was worth every cold minute….

We had a good night sleep and left in the morning with the beautiful scenery of City Lewes

It was a perfect day…. gorgeous sunny weather, cold but no adventures to report…..except that the Swiss football team “almost” won in soccer against Spain….by the way our super duper goal keeper held 2 penalties…. these are the best days….

We arrived at Chesapeake City around 4:30…. Chesapeake City has a free floating dock…. amazing….. when we approached…. no boat was at the free dock…. however out of nowhere two boats docked right in front of us… they were nice enough to move forward so we could squeeze in.

We noticed this great looking Tikki bar across and we went for dinner – the bar didn’t disappoint… still in heaven – Best vodka ever – Deep EDDy with really grapefruit juice….with some really yummy seafood!

Have a wonderful Saturday night

Our journey of today

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Friday November 13th – City of Lewes – Our Journey South

We anchored for 5 days in Cape May and Marcus really wanted to experience something new…So at 5:30 a.m. our alarm went off and we made ourselves ready to travel to the City of Lewes which was about 2 1/2 hours away from Cape May

It was an interesting feeling to see only ocean around us.

We made great progress until suddenly our instruments stopped working. Marcus sounded concerned, but remember our neighbors in Cape May travelled from Rhode Island to Cape May without instruments – they only used their phones…. So if Tiawni and Hunter can, we can too – NO?

But then Marcus explained that something could be wrong with the left engine as only the instruments on the left engine either showed scary high measurements or was not working and the autopilot went dead….Marcus managed manually to measure the temperature of the engines with a heat gun and to our relieve they didn’t seem to be over heating.

Marcus then switched some breakers and suddenly the engine instruments worked again….

The autopilot is still not working as of this moment.

We docked though successfully at the Marina City of Lewes which is in the middle of the cutest City called the same City of Lewes.

And discovered that our TV died on the way over… we knew we were risking it – leaving the TV like that and are both glad we had an excuse to get this big old thing out of our way – our place feels so much more bigger now

After a productive day working finally enjoying the sunset

Tomorrow if weather permits we plan to travel in the morning to Chesapeake City where we hope to meet our god child Lucas, his parents and sister (our Upper West Side family we lived with before we moved to Jersey City.

Below our 4th god child ❤️ with his lovely wonderful sister

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In memory of Dave Richardson

This summer the skydiving community at Skydive the Ranch lost an amazing skydiver, coach, organizer and friend. He has inspired many including me to fly better and having fun. Jolanda and I attended some of the skydiving events he organized. Friends of Dave organized a memorial weekend. Unfortunately I was not able to join that weekend, but I found that video with the highlights of the event. If anyone is wondering why people would be crazy enough to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, this video will give you an idea.

Dave will be missed by many, I was fortunate enough to do a few jumps with him.


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Our first little storm

We absolutely love the anchor place in Cape May in front of the Coast Guard. It’s so super quiet – especially at night we sleep like babies…

We asked on Facebook via the liverboard group about advise where to park our Dingy and got to explore the beautiful Spicer Greek – it goes all the way to the city of Cape May but it has a very low Railway bridge towards the end. I didn’t feel 100% (I had some neck pain – not sure I pulled something) so I didn’t push the adventure to the top to leave our Dingy there and walk on the Rail way to the city…. maybe next time :-).

We found though the recommended Boat Ramp (at Spicer Greek) and left the Dingy there while we had some coffee on land.

The weather has been amazing, but we have been watching the forecast…. and after going back and forth and getting some consulting sessions with our boating friends Pam, Nancy and especially James our sailboat neighbor who patiently talked to us for some time we felt ready to stay on anchor for the little storm. The worst was forecasted for Wednesday afternoon….

However last night before Marcus went to bed he checked the forecast one more time and it changed…..to the worse…. from gusting 29 to gusting 45… I really panicked for a moment, but then decided nothing I can can do it’s too late to move the boat to a marina and the night should be ok…

This morning when we checked the forecast again… it changed again… to a more comfortable forecast – actually the best we had so far 🙂

On a side note we have met the most adventures couple ever! They bought a sail boat a few weeks ago. Tiawni follows with her car and Hunter drives the boat from Rhode Island to Georgia with not much prior experience. They were anchoring besides us in Cape May and have two dead batteries. They don’t have a radio but got our attention yesterday. I drove them to land so they could charge their battery – unfortunately it was not enough – then we charged one battery over night, but it still wasn’t enough so now Marcus is driving them to land so they can get it charged at a professional shop. We admire their courage and persistence and wish them many successful happy hours on their boat – if you like to see how they got started check out their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailingwithcrimson/

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Sunday Nov. 8th – our Journey South

Today we woke up and another dream weather day was welcoming us.

This time we took our time to get Luna comfortable before we turned the engine on and it worked. She didn’t love it, but was not as traumatized as yesterday…

Another day of calm seas – we were cruising along and I was seeing little fountains of spray coming out of the water…could it be…oh yes our first whale spotting

Not long after…. oh my god dolphins…. when angels travel…. What a day

We arrived around 1pm in Cape May / NJ and found another gorgeous anchoring side in front of the Coast Guard Station. Internet seems to be working great… we have 3 different hotspots…. after Marcus has been studying for weeks what internet provider would give the best coverage in the East…. We are ready for a week of work from Cape May…..

Below our route from Atlantic City to Cape May

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Second Day of our Journey South

The alarm went off at 4am and we left at 4:50am…. we left in pitch black…

Love the sunrise but don’t like to drive in the dark – especially with crab pots all around us…. we made it though safely into the most gorgeous sunrise.

It was a very non-eventful drive… flat water, warm (19C on the sea).

However we realized soon that going to Cape May despite the early start would only get us there after dark so we changed our plans and made our destination Atlantic City. I never have been there and it looks so pretty from the water.

We found an easy anchoring place right in front of the Golden Nugget. Tomorrow it should be an easy less than 4 hours drive to Cape May….

Our rout today

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A dream comes true – Going South – Turn Lemon into Lemonade

We are reporting from Sandy Hook from our first anchoring on our way South!

We can’t believe the last time we have been outside of the country was on March 18th. The summer has been a rollercoaster, but we are very grateful for each other, Luna, sailing, our boat, our marina, our neighbors and friends to make this a very special summer despite Covid.

Marcus quit his job in March and we hoped to become digital nomads and travel the world….. so after being stuck at one place the longest since 1998….we decided that this winter we make out of a limitation a dream come true and travel South with our boat….

During the summer we practiced to get better to go to places with our boat – mostly mooring and anchoring. We also had the longest “to do” list in our history – and worked hard to make improvements on our boat – especially Marcus with the help of our neighbors!

Today after 1 hour delay we left Hudson Point Marina at 3pm in 20C calm weather! Remember it’s November 6th and tomorrow it will be even 22 C!

We have travelled this route a few times this summer so it was super easy. The only bit of excitement to use our new “super duper” anchor, but it was easy to lower it. Hopefully it will be as easy to pull it up… it’s a bit bigger and needs special handling to get it back on the boat

Jersey City to Sandy Hook:

Tomorrow morning we plan to leave at 5am for Cape May… stay tuned

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