Adventure blog – getting the boat home (2)

    Chapter 1: Getting the boat ready

So we got the Boat, next steps are to fix all major items on the survey.
On the list are:
– remove of the blisters of the bottom
– check seacocks if they need to be replaced
– minor items to check/replace e.g. lights, bell, floating devices, terminal protections

We decided to do all of that at Coltons Point Marina. For the hull we got an estimate of max 6 weeks to be done. So we were quick to get everything in row to start the work.
On Tuesday 17th April the boat was hauled out and sand blasted to see the amount of damage:

Unfortunately it looks worse than we expected but from a timeline we are still on track. Now the hull needs to dry and the yard will start grinding next week to assess the blisters more.
Fingers crossed 🙂

    Chapter 2: Bad News Continues

As mentioned in the previous chapter there was a concern about the condition of the blisters, today we got an update from the Marina (this might be a bit too technical, but it is not good):

The original work estimate was to grind / patch / fair gelcoat blisters from the bottom of your vessel. After sand blasting the bottom paint from the boat we see there is no gelcoat remaining. In addition, evidence of past West System repair is present. This repair was an inadequate blister repair job that trapped moisture against the glass, exacerbating the blister problem. At this time the bottom of the boat needs to be peeled. This process removes all of the blisters, saturated fiberglass and chop strand mat down to the woven roven. Two sample peel locations (approximately 12” x 12”) were completed by the peeler on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. These locations established the depth and volume of material needing to be removed. After peeling the two locations moisture readings were done. Although the woven roven was wet it had good resin content and had good color. After sitting for a few days the moisture content reduced to adequate levels for potential relamination. From these two locations we are estimating that the rest of the boat will react in a similar fashion.

In order to complete the peeling process the marina will need to prep the boat. They remove all thru hulls, strainers, zincs, props, and the swim platform from the boat. Once the peel, lamination, and barrier are complete all of these items will be reinstalled and sealed.

    A proposed schedule would be the following:

1. 5/21/18 – Peel started
2. 5/28/18 ‐ Peel & prep of strakes completed
3. Allow bottom to dry for 2 weeks
4. 6/11/18 begin lamination
5. 6/15/18 complete lamination
6. 6/18/18 prep bottom for barrier/fair
7. 6/20/18 Complete prep
8. 6/21‐6/28 complete barrier, bottom paint, ready for launch
9. All jobs remaining from original estimate will be completed prior to bottom paint work.

A specialist is willing to come see the bottom and give us his independent opinion.

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