First boat day trip – City Island

We were looking forward to our first trip with our boat and Memorial Weekend Monday was the perfect day to visit our friends Alex and Noelva in City Island. There is their friend’s mooring ball right in front of their house and the water is deep enough for our boat. One challenge was to time the ride up the East River so that we do not have the current against us. Hell Gate (north of Roosevelt Island) can be a bit of a pain if you would go up against the current. Luckily I found a webpage where you can look up when the right time is to travel the East River. The following link together with an updated tide chart helped to time the passage:

Our friend and neighbor Don, who is seriously boating since 20 years joined us and gave us good advice. His wife Pam was out of town and we thought he would appreciate some entertainment. We left at 11 am in the morning and it was beautiful weather, only Luna was suffering a bit, because of an allergic reaction. After 2.5 hours we arrived at City Island and we picked up the mooring without problem. Our friends greeted us with an amazing seafood lunch. It was a very relaxing afternoon watching our boat in a very different location.

With a nice sunset and seaplanes taking off next to us on the East River we made our way back home safely. An experience we hopefully will repeat very soon.

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J&J’s Wedding

We had the pleasure to attend the wedding of Jennifer and Joseph at Shelter Island. Thanks so much for a beautiful weekend. Click on the video above.

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Easter Egg hunt on the boat

Despite the not so promising weather forecast, we invited some of our friends to an Easter brunch. Jolanda was hiding some eggs and bunnies for a little exploration on the boat for our friends.

I did install a handrail with the help of our neighbor Frank so that our Colombian mama could access the boat without trouble:

Also the new wed couple Juanita & Andreas (we had the pleasure to attend the wedding in Colombia in March), joined with a slight delay.

With sparkling wine and unexpected beautiful sunshine everyone enjoyed a warm day in April. Special thanks goes to the amazing Swiss catering service Vreni & Bobby.

Next week we will be in Switzerland on vacation. I will check in afterwards.

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Google photo assistant

I like to share four pictures which where edited by Google Photos Assistant.

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Escape from the last cold days in NY (2) – Jamaica

When our magical time in Colombia came to an end we had a very early flight from Barranquilla to Montego Bay. At 5am in the morning I was not fully awake and left my mobile phone in the cab to the airport. Once you lose your phone you realize how important it is, on the bright side, I told everyone that I could not read any work emails so I had a really peaceful time until getting back to NY. I might have lost some of my contacts stored on the phone, I will reach out to you if yours got lost.

The reason to come to Jamaica was the birthday party of our friend Clive, he is also the manager of our the Airbnb villa in Ironshore (15 min from the airport). Check it out under Ironshore Villa with Pool at Ironshore. Vicky organized a great party with DJ and delicious food at the house.

The time was very relaxing and we spend a lot of time reading at the pool. We also were able to go one day Scubadiving with ScubaCaribe. This was the 2nd time diving with them and we strongly recommend that place.

Finally it was time to go home and get back to work. Jolanda spend a few more days in Jamaica but had to go back eventually.

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Escape from the last cold days in NY – Colombia

Last week we were invited to our friends Juanita and Andrea’s wedding in Colombia and were so excited to celebrate with the happy couple, their family and friends.

We took the opportunity to see more of Colombia too and spend some nice time at the beach. We flew from Newark to Panama and then to Barranquilla. After one night at an interesting hotel in Barranquilla we got a ride to Santa Marta. After acclimatizing we joined the wedding party for a pre-wedding celebration. Both the pre-party and wedding were amazing and the perfect location for such an wonderful event. We were so lucky to be invited to this special celebration.

It was one of the most magic places we visited recently, on top of that we had also an amazing accommodation La Mar de Bien
The rooms were very quiet and ceviche was delicious. See our hosts below.

We can’t wait to come back again.

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Finally we got our winter clothes

Some of you might remember that we put most of our stuff in storage (including winter clothes) when we moved out of our apartment at downtown Manhattan. The last twenty month we missed some of the things which were locked away. Finally today we got the items from the storage delivered. Of course not everything fitted onto the boat, so we needed to sort our what to keep and what to donate.

A lot of items which can break easily needed to go. We are so relieved that we managed to sort everything out and finally have all the valuable items back.

A special thanks goes to Dumbo Moving these guys are awesome if you ever need a moving company we strongly recommend them.

This week we have a little visitor, Candy from the neighbor boat is living with us until the owner is coming back. Even Luna got used to the visitor, she is defending her territory.

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Great Fender Company – TaylorMade

I made a great experience with TaylorMade Fender company. 3 weeks ago one of the fenders blew up, see picture below. I went to WestMarine to buy a replacement and saw that the label says “Lifetime” Limited Warranty, so I asked the sales person and he told me I need to get in contact with TaylorMade customer service. Next day I send them an email with a few pictures and got a prompt reply that I need to provide the mailing adress and my new fender will be on his way. I was a bit suspicious with the Lifetime warranty but that company really stands to their word of lifetime warranty. Excellent customer service. I went and bought 2 more from them!

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Taking a break in Mexico

Last week Jolanda and I went to Mexico City, where I had to go for work. Monday is a bank holiday so we are having a long weekend to explore the region. First we went with our new transportation vehicle (Lime scooter) all across Mexico City we managed to ride 5 miles from Polanco to the Old Town without getting run over by a car or hitting a pedestrian.

On Saturday we went for a hiking tour to the volcano. The hike was a total distance of 2.6 miles and an elevation gain of 6,300ft. In the end we were rewarded with a incredible view of Popocatepetl. Our group was amazing and after a little rest we went out in the evening for dinner.

Sunday will be a relaxing day in Roma with food and walking around the neighborhood also getting prepared for the cold weather when we flying back to New Jersey. We really enjoyed our time in Mexico City and the people we met. Hopefully we will come back soon again.

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Temperature Stresstest

So last weekend was -15C (5F) felt like -25C (130F), the question was how is “Sky’s The Limit” coping.

First exciting news: we have high speed internet on the boat, thanks to the engineer from Comcast who installed the cable on Saturday before the cold. We had 3 engineers coming but we are finally “online” and Jolanda does not have to work from the coffee shop any more.

On Sunday i had my 3rd lesson with Troy boat handling, as we progressed the wind picked up and it became a challenge to keep the boat upwind. One important lesson I learned was to back out from a dangerous position, rather than going forward and steering away. The bow (front of the boat) is much more difficult to steer than the stern (back).

On Monday morning the wind was blowing and the temperatures were far below freezing, as a result the fresh water pipe in the boat froze and I had no water.

It took me some time to find out what the problem was. The waterpump froze because I did not block the vents for the engine room. This was a stupid mistake I took the old foam mattress from the guest-room and cut it to use as insulation.

After that I borrowed my neighbors hairdryer and warmed up the water hose. Two hours later I had running water again. Also the ice and wind took his toll on one of the fenders, apparently they have a livelong warranty, let’s see if that is true.

A lot of people asking me if it is really worth it, I can tell you with a view like that and sitting next to our lovely and heartwarming cat Luna, it is..

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