Stranded at Cape May

Of course there could be worse places in the world to get stranded, but we really looking forward to get home. Due to high winds we are not able to go North. We do have a weather window on Friday to make the +10hr trip.
Luckily we got new a captain called Troy from Australia helping us on that leg.
In the meantime we are enjoying the marine life here in Cape May:

We did not have the chance to go to the town until now as we have to do a lot of catch up with work, luckily the internet reception is acceptable. The fishing shop is providing free coffee and soup (unfortunately the soup contains meat) so we got some new friends already 🙂

A few little things need to be fixed on the boat but that should not prevent us to go on the ocean journey.
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather forecast will stay good for Friday.

P.s.> the heating problem has not been fixed yet so we are surviving with some temporary heaters

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Day 3 of our experience

Today was a day where we aged much more than we expected.
It started off with a beautiful sunrise at Havre de Grace marina, west of the C&D canal.

Very peacefull and the water like a mirror. We entered into the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal (C&D canal) and followed the narrow piece of water East. Just before we arrived at our fuel stop at Summit North Marina we heard a loud bang and the boat was tilting to the side. Jolanda started shouting like a fridge fall on her and buried her alive. We checked if we are still able to maneuver and engines are still running. We stopped at the next place to check everything out and took on fuel. It sounded like we scraped the bottom of the C&D canal (which is 40ft deep) with our keel. Luckily our bilge did not accumulate any water, so we did not have a leak. It was a big shock, as we thought this is the end of our dream. This bottom has just being repaired for the last 4 months. This picture just shows the place before it happened.

Luckily no one got hurt and the boat was still functional, after the fuel stop we continued our way. Our boat advisor Phil (remember the one who did the checkout) gave us good advice on the way. The rest of today’s trip was very enjoyable due to the gorgeous weather down the Delaware river and to final destination Cape May. All of us were very relived to end the day in a nice marina with a great dinner.

From Cape May to Jersey City it is “just” 100NM left but the forecast for tomorrow looks very bad so we decided to stay in Cape May. For both of us it means “working from home” and our Captain Rebecca will leave us tomorrow.
As you can imagine this trip is more than we expected to experience, but we learned a lot. We still have no central heating, the generator is not working and we hope that the incident today will not be so costly. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when we reached the marina tonight (Rebecca really did a great job in getting us in a tight slip) and of course I treasure the support of my beautiful sunshine I call my wife.
It was a hard day.

BTW I think Luna at upstate NY with our friends had a more relaxing day.

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Day 2 of the Sky’s The Limit

The morning stared bright and early, 6am wakeup 7am leaving the dock.
It was a beautiful morning with me looking out for the crab fishing buoy’s.

At noon it stared to rain, and it has not stopped yet.

Everyone did an amazing stop at the helm, despite all the weather conditions.

That was the longest stretch we did until now with more than 100NM. Of course it took his toll, but we and the boat are still in working condition. Rebecca and I checked that we are able to continue tomorrow.

We had some amazing views and did overall quiet some progress, see chart.

Now we are all very tiered and going to bed soon, C&D canal waiting for us tomorrow.

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Day 1 of our journey

Even without the fancy heating system I slept very well and the temperature was acceptable with the oil heaters. This morning Phil, who knows our boat very well, came over to check out the boat with us. He checked all systems to make sure everything is working.
First he found out that the diesel filters were replaced but the water in the filter was still there. So he drained the water, also some position and navigation lights did not work. Worse thing was that the generator is running but not producing any power.

So overall there are lot of repairs left, but nothing stopped us to finally leave Colton Point Marina. Thanks you Phil for your service.

It took some time to get used to the boat, but after we figured out the synchronizer and autopilot, we boat went in a straight line. Even with Jolanda on the helm.

It was a relief that we are finally on our way, even that we have some obsticales with our boat, crusing on the Ponomic made it worthwhile.

After 3 hours we made our overnight stop at Point Lookout at the South end of the Potomac. We celebrated the day with a glass of Champagne.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get warmer so Jolanda does not need to wear 5 layers of clothes anymore.

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First night on our boat

We spend the first night on our boat, we were so excited:
Yesterday we drove from NJ to Colton Point Marina where we got handed our keys for the boat. Everything is installed and ready to move. Mark the friendly owner of the marina showed us all what we needed and of course presented us the final bill…

We have to say that the new heating system is extremely hot, so we should be safe for the winter. Before I went to bed I switched off all lights and instruments. I probably switched off the converter as well by accident. So waking up in the morning it was a bit cold.

I went to restart the heater and it was not producing heat. Then I realized that the batteries were down. We managed to re-charge the battery. Only problem is that I re-started the heater so many times that the controller locked both units. To solve that problem we have to get a control unit from the manufacturer, until then we are relying on the oil heaters which came with the boat. It is not as cosy as the proper heaters but we will survive.

Tomorrow the plan is to do a checkout with the boat and if everything is going well we can depart around 2pm (as this is high tide, the canal is very shallow).

Jolanda and I went for a little run on the island, we had a beautiful sunset.


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We are doing progress

Good news the lamination is done and now it is only the bottom coat and paint left. Also the work on the heating system started. All components are ready to be installed.
Finally we got the name on the transom.

The blue paint on the bottom looks nice as well:

In addition some woodwork needed to be replaced:

We really getting excited, hopefully everything is going according to plan and the boat will be finished in a week.
Wish us luck…..

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What an amazing experience – 300 miles on a bike from New York to Raleigh

I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially the generous donations and the overwhelming reception at the Raleigh office.

This trip was an amazing experience and I’m so glad that I could take part.
I did a little video every day to capture the spirit and excitement (it is not very fancy but I tried my best after each full day of action) 🙂
If you are interested here are the videos on YouTube:

Day4 (including reception in Raleigh)

I was able to raise $1,120 and the campaign in total has raised $236,934 so far for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which is absolutely incredible!!!!

Tour de Credit Suisse Americas


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Finally, we doing progress

So we have waited for a long time and the time has come that the hull is not drying any further. That means we are ready to laminate. The peeler came back and started to laminate for 3 days now. Overall his work should take a total of 2 weeks. The boat is about half laminated right now:

It is always exciting to see progress. So the bottom should be done by the end of the month.
What we also want to do is to install a heating system, Jolanda should not be cold even in winter. At a minimum we want to heat the master bedroom and the saloon. The heater will run with the diesel from the tanks so we can save a bit on the electricity.
We need to decide between:
Airtronic Air Heaters ($$)
– Fast, direct interior heating.
– Fresh air or circulating air heater.
– Pre-selectable room temperature.
– Ideal for retrofitting.
– Can be used as cabin ventilation without heating.
Hydronic Water Heaters ($$$$)
– As central heating with supply and return pipes, as well as radiators, convectors or fan radiators.
– Precise control by radiator thermostats.
– Heat the domestic water in addition to the passenger compartment.
– Pre-heating the engine.

Of course there is some difference in pricing, so lets see what the marina is coming back tomorrow.

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Options, options, options….

People have been asking what we will be doing for the winter. That’s a good question…. We do have interesting options:

1. (M+J-L) Marcus and Jolanda could stay at a good friends place in Union City, but they don’t allow cats
2. (M+L-J) Luna and Marcus could stay at another good friends place in Brooklyn minus Jolanda (because the landlord is around during the day and it would be better not to see Jolanda working from home
3. (L-M-J) Luna minus Marcus and Jolanda can stay at a great cat sitter’s home in New Jersey
4. (M+J+L+$$$) All of us could stay possible at a 1 bedroom apartment in New Jersey city (Jolanda will have a look at it on Sunday)
5. (M+J+L+$$-BED) All of us could stay in a 1 bedroom apartment unfurnished in Hoboken – challenging as our furniture is in storage and we prefer not to mess with the furniture until our boat comes.

Stay tuned….

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Fundraising for the first time

    Some shameless self-promotion:

I’m extremely grateful to be able to join the CS team for an incredible bike ride leaving the CS New York office on October 12th and arriving at the CS Raleigh campus on Oct 15th. With stop offs in Philadelphia, Washington DC and the border of Virginia, I will be covering around 300 miles on the saddle.
I have set up a fundraising account for anyone who wants to contribute to this charity:
CS Charity Bike Ride

Thanks to everyone for the support and hopefully I will survive this ride just 5 days after the Chicago Marathon.
Fingers crossed!

P.S> This is not the bike I will ride from NYC to Raleigh, but I liked the engraving “YOU ARE THE ENGINE”.

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