New Challenges

After coming to terms that we will not move into our boat until April next year, we decided to stay on the temporary boat as long as we can. Despite getting wet while raining and not having a functioning bathroom, Jolanda and Luna are enjoying their time on the boat too much.

Unfortunately the apartment we were planning to stay over the winter announced that they do not allow cats in the building any more, so now we have to find a place to stay from October to April. If anyone has a recommendation for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment not too far away for a reasonable price, or somebody would like to look after Luna, please let us know.

Marcus created a Facebook page for Luna, so you can follow what she is doing and also talk to Marcus on Messenger since Luna’s paws do not fit the keyboard.
Luna the Explorer

In the meantime the latest progress on our boat shows very little improvement that the hull is drying to acceptable levels. Mid September the lamination will start on the side which has already acceptable readings, also the transom will be peeled as well. All major items from the survey will be addressed, interior woodwork has been finished and broken window will be replaced. In addition the boat will needed to be winterized, we are still debating if we need to shrink wrap the boat or not.

Last weekend we have been invited to a friends place Upstate NY at a very nice house in the woods. It’s so beautiful and it’s magical to have a real bed, toilette and shower! It was a 5 hr drive and we had to leave Luna back in NJ. First time she spend a few nights at a boarding home for animals. She was definitely not happy to be locked into a small box in a room with other cats. Hopefully she will not be upset for too long.

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so near and yet so far…..

You know the feeling somebody talks about their boyfriend but he might not exist as no one has seem him yet? This is a bit the feeling we have with our beautiful boat Sky’s The Limit…..

It has been raining for weeks in the DC area and Europe has an incredible heatwave (can’t we have it here). As a result the hull of the boat is not drying at all, so two weeks ago the marina has made very little progress on on the boat. They can’t give us a realistic completion date any more. There is some peeling and grinding left before we can start laminating. So after all the efforts, extra measurements and additional money spend it was truly a devastating day to hear this.

Jolanda had a hard time to cope with the uncertainty this summer. Also living on the temporary boat (no proper shower, toilet and water leaks during rain) and lack of sleep is getting to her so we decide to PULL THE PLUG

…. meaning we will not get the boat up to New Jersey this year. We leave Sky’s the Limit down in Maryland and pick it up in Spring 2019.

Unfortunately Mark our favorite broker and owner of the temporary boat, we are staying on, smelled money as soon as he has heard the news and made us a “reasonable” offer …. NOT. So now we have until the weekend to figure something out, we might be able to stay on a friends boat for another 10 days on the same pier but then we will be homeless again and need to leave the Marina (but still paying the slip for the rest of the season).

Our dream would be to stay the next two month on the marina and then sublet a small apartment close by to bring us through the winter. So if you have any contacts who are looking for a short term renter with a very lovely cat please let us know.

As I’m writing this Jolanda is sailing so she still enjoys spending time on the water. So it is going to be interesting where we are going to end up. Stay tuned…….

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Luna on the move

This weekend we spend another night away from the marina. On Saturday we went to our favorite workout class in Tompkins Square Park. If you like to join check out the meetup group: MR Calisthenics
Luna enjoyed the company as well:

Afterwards we went to a beer garden in Queens to celebrate the Swiss National Day. This was a great event to catch up with our Swiss friends we have not seen for a long time. Congratulation to Andreas, after the engagement he also got a job offer. Also we meet Elsbeth one of the coolest members of the Swiss Society.

In the meantime Luna enjoyed our hotel room.

After a morning coffee in Queens, Luna was happy to be back on the boat again. Unfortunately no news from our boat, it is just too much rain and humidity for the hull to dry to acceptable limits so we can start laminating. Tomorrow is the next call with the marina and we hope there is some measurable progress. Fingers crossed.

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Weekend away from the marina

Last weekend we rented a car and drove up to our favorite place in New Paltz / NY next to the skydiving dropzone “Skydive The Ranch”. Having a big bed and a shower with bathtub was a real treat. Here you can see how happy I was:

We got the chance to catch up with old friends and also made friends (Roe’s puppy dog I shared the back bench in her car). Luna enjoyed the time in the countryside as well exploring the nature.

We had a great hike, BBQ at the house and a tent-crawl at the Ranch. Thanks very much to our friends Roe, Edna, Grainne, Eugene, Christian and Danish to join us on our little vacation from the Marina life.

And now back to the boat πŸ™‚

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Weekly Update: Good and Bad News

Ok first the bad news:
We did a Facetime call with the Marina and they explained to us that the moisture at the side of the bottom is acceptable to get laminated, but the bottom is not. So we have two choices: (1) do another surface peel which will of course cost us money and a delay of 2 weeks, or (2) heat the bottom with industrial heaters to make it dry faster, which will add another 4-6 weeks to the completion date.
We decided to go for option 1. So fingers crossed that next week the peeling starts and all moisture will be acceptable all around.

Also our good friend Ewa who is cat-sitting our cat Luna is going on holiday, so we needed to find a new home for her. Initially we hoped that Luna is getting along with another friends cat so she can stay at her place until our boat is here in NJ. Unfortunately this did not work out, we could just prevent a fight between the cats. On the bright side, Luna loves the boating life and she now lives on our boat. She is exploring the boat and marina and people seem to like her as well. We are so happy to have her back and that she is calming us down when we had stress during the day.

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On the final stretch

Last weekend Jolanda and I visited our boat in Maryland. Jolanda was down in Annapolis for a sailing course and I joined her for the weekend to spend a day at the marina were our boat is located.

Overall everything is going according to plan, the bad weather in March delayed us so far only for 10 days. Good news is that we measured the master bed and it is queen size mattress, so we can use our own mattress (very expensive and comfortable). New expected completion date is 10 – 14th of July. We are getting excited. Since it is getting hot and our current accommodation has no Aircon, we hope we will not get fried before our boat is ready….

    Things which need to be done:

– grinding, lamination, coating and painting of the bottom
– safety issues being highlighted in the survey
– minor woodwork at the interiour
– name still needs to be changed
– disposing of some furniture
– deep cleaning (very important to Jolanda)

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Name for the Boat

We are ready to finalize our boat name :-). We went from 21 names down to 5. Many friends helped us to pick the top 5 and we hope that now we can find the winner.

See below and please vote, you need a facebook account for it but information will not be shared with πŸ™‚

Boat Name (closed)


the decision has been made and the winner after 88 votes is:


see results below:

Votes by Country:

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Living on the small boat – Finally Peeling started

Today is a good day, finally we have a working toilet on our little boat (actually not ours), also we got a heater for the colder nights. Should it rain within the next days we might even find out if the leaks over our bed have been fixed.

Also with a 2 week delay the peeling on our boat has started, the peeler has done 2/3 of one side already:

The owner of the marina said he is very satisfied with only one layer off:

Lets hope we can use that momentum and the hull will dry shorter than expected. We were planning to get our cat Luna on our temporary boat but we might have to make the leather sofa (which is probably the most expensive part of the current boat) cat proof.

Stay tuned…..

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The boat shrunk….

The good news we are finally on a boat.

One thing we learned in boating is, if someone tells you that something will be finished or done at a certain time, add a big junk of time on top.

So we are still waiting that our boat is getting peeled, it was supposed to be done beginning of this week. We were determined to find a temporary accommodation without asking friends for more favors. Our friendly broker Mark came up with an idea: since we have already the slip at Liberty Harbor and he just bought a small boat, we could live on it. Of course as a good broker he smelled the money and made us a “generous” offer, after some hard negotiation we agreed at a price we felt more reasonable. The boat was on a dry dock at the Georg Washington Bridge and needed to be moved to Jersey City. Another thing we learned was: If you assume something is working, it is probably not! So both engines in the boat were not operating. We agreed to move in on Sunday, so our new “Landlord” had to tow the boat all the way to New Jersey. This was in pouring rain and we could observe that from the balcony from our friends place in Battery Park.

The next day we were able to move in. This boat is very small (33ft) and of course not everything is working e.g. toilet. But at least we are at our slip and on a boat.

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Adventure blog – getting the boat home (2)

    Chapter 1: Getting the boat ready

So we got the Boat, next steps are to fix all major items on the survey.
On the list are:
– remove of the blisters of the bottom
– check seacocks if they need to be replaced
– minor items to check/replace e.g. lights, bell, floating devices, terminal protections

We decided to do all of that at Coltons Point Marina. For the hull we got an estimate of max 6 weeks to be done. So we were quick to get everything in row to start the work.
On Tuesday 17th April the boat was hauled out and sand blasted to see the amount of damage:

Unfortunately it looks worse than we expected but from a timeline we are still on track. Now the hull needs to dry and the yard will start grinding next week to assess the blisters more.
Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

    Chapter 2: Bad News Continues

As mentioned in the previous chapter there was a concern about the condition of the blisters, today we got an update from the Marina (this might be a bit too technical, but it is not good):

The original work estimate was to grind / patch / fair gelcoat blisters from the bottom of your vessel. After sand blasting the bottom paint from the boat we see there is no gelcoat remaining. In addition, evidence of past West System repair is present. This repair was an inadequate blister repair job that trapped moisture against the glass, exacerbating the blister problem. At this time the bottom of the boat needs to be peeled. This process removes all of the blisters, saturated fiberglass and chop strand mat down to the woven roven. Two sample peel locations (approximately 12” x 12”) were completed by the peeler on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. These locations established the depth and volume of material needing to be removed. After peeling the two locations moisture readings were done. Although the woven roven was wet it had good resin content and had good color. After sitting for a few days the moisture content reduced to adequate levels for potential relamination. From these two locations we are estimating that the rest of the boat will react in a similar fashion.

In order to complete the peeling process the marina will need to prep the boat. They remove all thru hulls, strainers, zincs, props, and the swim platform from the boat. Once the peel, lamination, and barrier are complete all of these items will be reinstalled and sealed.

    A proposed schedule would be the following:

1. 5/21/18 – Peel started
2. 5/28/18 ‐ Peel & prep of strakes completed
3. Allow bottom to dry for 2 weeks
4. 6/11/18 begin lamination
5. 6/15/18 complete lamination
6. 6/18/18 prep bottom for barrier/fair
7. 6/20/18 Complete prep
8. 6/21‐6/28 complete barrier, bottom paint, ready for launch
9. All jobs remaining from original estimate will be completed prior to bottom paint work.

A specialist is willing to come see the bottom and give us his independent opinion.

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