Cool ICW video – thanks Lenny

On a morning walk we met Lenny at Chesapeake City / VA park flying his drone. As we stayed only one night I wanted to get some footage as well, but he told us that he is doing some time-laps of the bridge we just tied up. I asked him if I can use his footage and he said ok. If you watch the video you see our boat on the public pier and later re-fueling at Atlantic Yacht Basin.

Lenny told us that he is taking care of his mom at home during his free time and he is not able to spend too much time outside. He enjoys flying his drone when he has the chance.

Thanks again Lenny for the great footage.

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Departing Charleston

Finally it was time to leave Charleston and continue our way back up to New Jersey. To leave from the City Marina can be challenging depending on wind and tide, so I was planning my departure carefully and in the beginning it looked good.

We were planning to leave close to slack tide and with no wind forecasted. Unfortunately another boat arrived the day earlier and put us in a tight spot (imagine you get your car parked in with one in front and one behind). Until now I do not know why the marina placed the boat  so close to us as it had a lot of space behind (and they were leaving 1 hour after us). The owner of the boat was very friendly and told me that he is able to help me when we are leaving. So I felt comfortable leaving with no wind, not much current and 5 ft in front and about 12 ft in the back. Usually I would always depart against the current or wind (if exists), but this time I thought that backing out without wind and current would be better as I have more space to swing the bow towards the dock. I asked our friendly neighbor to go on his boat and if we come too close he can fend us off.

So off I went, the dock hand used a spring line to get the stern out and then backed up. Out of a sudden the boat moved more sidewards than backwards and as I hesitated to push backwards, our boat hit the neighbors boat. Our neighbor was not able to fend off. Luckily no damage on the other boat and some scratches on our gelcoat.

Just a flesh wound

So I learned some valuable lessons after I debriefed the departure with the harbor master afterwards over the phone:
– even the slightest current can push the boat going in the same direction
– if someone wants to help to fend off, make sure he has a fender in his hand
– if there is more space, tell people to move the boat
– Pre-brief departure with Dockmaster rather than de-brief 

The rest of the journey to North Myrtle Beach was uneventful. It took us about 90min to get out of the ocean, which was a bit rough  but once we set course North it was smooth sailing until the little river inlet. 

At Myrtle Beach Yacht club we were greeted by our friend Jamie (who owns the same boat as us), unfortunately his wife was away. This was a good opportunity for a boys night with beer and fish and chips. 

I learned so much from Jamie to fix things on our boat that we might need some more dinners to pay him back :-). Before we left we enjoyed a BBQ together – until next time wonderful friend

Another pleasant surprise was the visit from our NJ friend Stacy’s parents. Ann and Joe are living near Southport and showed us the beautiful Myrtle beach. There was a very yummy ice cream shop we tried out – our first this year.

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Charleston – our favorite City – Take Two

By the time you read this blog we already left for the second time our favorite City – Charleston. We love that Charleston City Marina is in close proximity to everything including the city center (less than a mile), the nice bars and restaurants and the beaches. This time we dropped our dinghy in the water and explored the surrounding rivers. As the days got longer we could go for a drink or dinner to the Crab House or enjoy one or two sunset drinks on the water.

Also we continued our Salsa dancing lessons with Georgia from Holy City Salsa. We learned a lot and plan to continue the lessons online. Who wants to go Salsa dancing in Jersey City or NY with us?

This time around – our slip at Charleston City Marina was very far away from the bathrooms, so Marcus bought two refurbished electrical scooters for our commute. It turned out that they could be also useful to wiz around the city. We have no regrets of our new investments. People keep asking us were we got them from and Marcus tells them that they are a major part of transportation in New York City 🙂

One weekend we decided to go a little bit further and ride our bikes to Sullivan beach. Charleston is very bike friendly so we got around very easy on our 26 mile ride.

Also we got invited to our first ZOOM wedding from our friend Mark and Dalia. It was an honor to take part – We were impressed with the ceremony and the nice words. It was truly moving and magical. Congratulations again.

Some impressions of Charleston

Jolanda was highly impressed with the roof top bars and the “booze” truck. Marcus loved the many scooter and running tracks and parks.

A little video from our commute to the restroom and our very long beautiful 26 miles bicycle ride

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