We are leaving Switzerland after bidding farewell to our beloved Mom

Since our last blog update, we’ve journeyed through the South for over two months, enjoying new adventures and sceneries in Florida with our camper and Luna.

In March, I received the heart-wrenching news that my mom’s health had rapidly deteriorated. After a brief illness, she passed away. I traveled to Switzerland to say my final goodbye to my wonderful mom.

Currently, I am on my way to the airport to leave Switzerland once more, having attended the funeral to celebrate and honor the life of our beloved mom.

If you would like to know more details, please click the link below.



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Celebrating my love of my life

We love to find reasons to celebrate and Marcus birthday was a great reason…..

First our friends Ewa and Bill surprised Marcus with a delicious salmon dinner and a cake when we were picking up Luna. Luna had the pleasure to stay with them and their beautiful dog Hope while we were traveling over the holidays.

Then we celebrated our boat friend’s Don’s birthday on Tuesday Jan. 30th and Don also surprised Marcus with a delicious tasting bourbon.

After that I kidnapped Marcus to Spring Lakes Jersey Shores about 1 hour south from where we live. I found a cute airbnb with a jacuzzi and bubble hut. Our airbnb host recommended the most romantic Restaurant to make the day extra special.

We enjoyed some time at the beach – on the last day the sun was even smiling at us and we checked out a Sprinter custom outfitter which customizes Sprinter cars to RVs. We have a new inspiration to enhance our Nomad life style 😊

After recovering a couple of days our friend Yazmin put her bubble up and we surprised Marcus with some delicious Sushi and had a beautiful evening.

Now we are on the way South to escape the New York winter and spring. More about our road trip adventure on our next blog.

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Round The World Trip

We started our trip to Asia with a stop in Frankfurt to celebrate Christmas with Marcus parents and her sister and family.

Christmas in Germany

After wintery Frankfurt beautiful sunny Bangkok was waiting for us. Jolanda was in heaven!

We travelled for New Years Eve to Koh Samui to celebrate with Tammy and Ian – we had such an amazing week together and Jolanda received from Tammy inspirations, life and work lessons which she will be thankful for ever! It was hard to leave!

Short visit to Hong Kong to meet our client

First time in China – The next day our client drove us to Shenzhen. What an experience – no gas or diesel vehicles – all cars, buses, bikes were electric – clean air and no noise – it was surreal! No credit card payments – only WeChat accepted to pay. Super modern, safe, and witnessed our first drone delivery…. impressed!

Finally back in Singapore again – our beloved home for 7 years almost 20 years ago….. – meeting up with Jolanda’s wonderful friend Nora and her family. Spending such lovely quality time together – it felt like we never left….

Back at our beloved home with so many memories made, impressions, lesson learned and energized for 2024!

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What a journey – another year has gone by….

It has been a while since we posted anything on our website. The reason was that we were sooooooo busy.

For the end of the year we would like to share some special moments we had since our last blog in March.

This year was filled with fun get togethers, visiting family and friends.

2023 was also the year of many weddings and special birthday celebrations

In addition Marcus had a good time to fly with his friend Scott to Oshkosh, participate in the London Marathon and the sunfish race around Shelter Island

We found our dream place Eaton’s Neck during our summer in the Long Island Sound

More Long Island Sound Adventures

In December, we had to say farewell to our friend Phil. The memories of the time together will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are grateful for your generosity and welcoming us to your Dock at Liberty Harbor and introducing us to Yazmin. Gone yet never forgotten!

This is a reminder to appreciate every moment. To live your life like there is no tomorrow!

On that note we wish everybody as the sun sets on one year and rises on another, may your aspirations shine brightly, and your journey be filled with purpose and passion. Wishing you an inspiring and prosperous New Year!

Love Jolanda & Marcus

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January / February / March – Juhu Spring is in the air

On January 20th we drove up to the Adirondacks to pick up our beloved Princess Luna who was on vacation with Ewa, Bill and Hope.

On January 31st it was Marcus special day. I love to spoil my love of my life, but as I felt still very exhausted it was not easy and every idea I had fell apart. However in the end I took Marcus to our nearest Restaurant which had a bubble tent we could sit outside with heater to make the experience memorable.

Also our wonderful neighbors, friends and boat mentors felt bad for Marcus and invited us for another celebration a few days later – Thank YOU for being in our lives and for carrying and spoiling Marcus.

For the first time in January I have been most of the time in the North East. As I can work from anywhere, I made a promise to myself that for 2024 I will never do this again and plan to be in the warmer Hemisphere.

On February 5th finally my airplane left for California. I was still suffering with shingles so traveling was harder than normal, but as soon as I felt the California sun I had every day more energy and the joy of life I experienced was incredible. California is my love of my life….. maybe one day…..

Vicki one of my best friend in California, business partner and mentor moved to Florida. I wasn’t the first time without her there, but it was the first time since she left I was there for such a long time. I missed her a lot, but looking forward one day visiting Vicki in Florida.

Due to the rain everything was green like never before in California. I couldn’t wait to start walking / hiking and Ana my hiking buddy made my dreams come true. I also have co-workers who love to go for walks during lunch breaks and thanks to another friend Connie, I found this amazing yoga at the park with ocean view at Dana Point. …. Also every corner has a fresh pressed juice or plant based inspired health place. A true paradise for me.

I also had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend in Palm Springs. Again I found a hike to make my stop over extra special.

Then on Feb. 18th I drove to Fresno to meet my lovely friend Melissa and her family. After a pretty drive I arrived in a little community near Fresno surrounded by hills and grass fields. I truly enjoyed to spend time with Melissa and her family and had such lovely conversations and a lot of walks.

Back in New York we had the honor to be invited by our wonderful friends Noelva and Alex to join them at a Brunch at the Larchmont Sailing club – what a treat.

Again Malisa & Todd had this amazing idea to open their common lounge area to all their boater friends and neighbors for Friday night pizza and it has become an instant hit. Some people discovered special pizza making talents….

Despite the wonderful catch ups back in New York, the weather was getting to me so when my friend Ana said she is traveling to her hometown Mazatlan in Mexico and if I don’t want to join them, I didn’t need much convincing.

After a week of many walks, one of them sunrise Farro hike at 5:30am , friends and new friends made, tequila, good food I’m re-charged on the way back to hopefully spring New Jersey…..

I believe the main reason that I’m feeling so good is that I really follow my Bold Bodacious goal for this year. Actually they are not so extra ordinary, but have changed my life….

Hard stop at least two evenings to finish work and not to be on the computer anymore no matter what

Every day doing our morning and evening ritual with the the daily inspiration, review of yesterday and aspiration/goals of the day

Joined the tapping summit solution

Malisa allowing me to join her core and arm strength workout challenge

Basically prioritizing our well being before anything else and it feels like a new life

If anybody else is looking for some new inspiration in their lives, here some links of motivations I use:



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