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Welcome to the Adventures of Marcus and Jolanda…… and to the year of round birthdays


We started the New Year in Switzerland. It was the first time since I remember without a hang over…. It was nice to spend time with our families over Christmas and New Years.


In February our friend Jenny Shortal visited us in Londen – we had a fantastic time with Mairead, Jacky and Jenny visiting our favored beach place Whitstable (Kent).



Later in February we also went with our wonderful friends Jayne & Peter skiing in France. On the first day after enjoying our lunch brake in a sun chair . We were full of energy to slide the slops in the afternoon, then Marcus said: strange your ski are not here anymore. I thought he was kidding, but unfortunately, he was  serious….. we looked every where for them as we thought somebody took them by accident. The owner of the Restaurant though we should wait a bit as the person maybe realizes  that he has the wrong ski and comes back…. Anyway towards end of the day, there was one pair of white skiing laying which didn’t seem to belong to anybody. Funny - but not so funny at the time was - that those ski were totally white and mine were dark brown also mine were left on a different place then this person’s!!!!! I tried them on they fit. By that time we kind of gave up that the person will realize that she/he has the wrong ones. So now we had to think how I can get down to the mountain…. I called our resort for advise as there was no lift which you could take without skis near by.  They told me that they can’t help and that people who might be able to help are at a brake, so I asked if there would be anybody else available and they said what I’m thinking! The people do deserve their rest and I should call after their brake… by then the lifts would have been closed welcome to the French charm (sorry my lovely French friends it was only Val D’isere charm) Then I asked, if I can get a ride with the snow mobile and they said no. So we asked what other alternatives we have, they told me to take the ski which were left behind….. I didn’t feel comfortable as I felt that then I’m stealing somebodies skiis... so I tried to stand on Marcus ski and the cable lift could have pulled us up to the gondola…. Unfortunately this lead only to some great fall and getting in the way of all the other people who wanted to get back to the valley station…..   The only alternative left waiting for somebody rescuing me…. I took the ski and off we went down hill. We went to report our stolen ski at the  rental place (lucky we had insurance) at the hotel. They told us we just have to get a police report and then we can have new skis. We thought that sounds rather easy, but nothing in Val D’isere is easy….. I don’t bore you with the details of that story…. Marcus in the mean time tried to return the “stolen” white skis (there is always a sticker from the rental place on the ski) and now can you believe this?  They told him that they DON”T want them back. We thought we are nice and they didn’t want their own ski back…. Anyway after Marcus said I’m at the police station they reluctantly took them from Marcus….. I guess we are not skiing any time sun in Val D’isere again J.
The rest of the vacation was though beautiful – catching up with Jayne and Peter and enjoying the snow.




End of March I flew to the US and Marcus followed me in the beginning of April. We enjoyed our friends,  great skydiving, looking at houses we might want to buy in California in the future and visited Las Vegas. It was the first time for Marcus and we had a ball.



Later in April our friend Ana was celebrating her 40th birthday. What a fantastic affair with Limousine, champagne and wine testing an absolute dream day and gave me some idea about our 40th birthdays celebration, if the credit crunch hasn’t hit as too much



End of April we attended our friends Simon and Dirk’s beautiful wedding in Germany. I love weddings and could get married myself every year again J. So attending Simone’s wedding was very special for us and we felt very lucky to be there.




In May we flew again to Germany for Marcus Grandmother 90th birthday. Grandma enjoyed it very much that all her Grand Children attended the party




While we were in Germany our friend Julie-Anne with her boyfriend Gavin arrived in London. We just made it back to have least one evening to enjoy their company.



The last week in May I was back in the US and the highlight was attending as a “VIP” the Iron Maiden concert. I had so much fun back stage, talking to the viedographer who is a  good customer of Sonnet, seeing all this famous people close up, talking to them about the Sonnet product…. It was an amazing experience and I rocked the night away like I was 21 again… even 1 minute on the stage with the band.


Unfortunatley talking to my friend Monique. I learned that her mom;s cancer is not going away as we hopped despite good treatments. We are praying and hoping the best for Warrannetta!


In June we planned to be in in Switzerland for the European Soccer Cup. Switzerland was the host so we expected great things from our Swiss Football (soccer) team. The first game we watched on the farm of my sister Priska. All our friends and family were there. A perfect scenario, but I was suffering for 60 minutes. Switzerland lost and I was absolutely devastated. The tournament was a disaster for Switzerland, they didn’t even advance to the second stage.


So better to do some other fun things…. I went  on my first holiday with my god child Julian. He seems that he had as a good time as me and survived his time with me without any damage J. We both were in good hands as Priska came along with her two boys and my parents stayed not far from us.




After my short vacation I had to fly back to London for 24 for the Macworld award and I couldn’t believe Sonnet wan Best Storage devise J I felt like a million $.

Then back in Switzerland I met Marcus and our friends Maria & Tino for a Glacier Express trip from St. Moritz to Zermatt. Unfortunately Tino broke his foot on a diving trip just a few days before and I had a bad cold. So we were a bit challenged, but still managed to have a relaxing time.


In July Marcus and I did our first 10km run in London. I was so proud that I managed to run for the entire time, even though it was at a slow speed. Marcus of course could have done it in half of the time, but he stayed with me which I appreciate so much.

Also in July My sister Priska, her two boys and her husband Philippe visited us. Here is a picture at our favored beach in Whitstable again.



And to really making the most from our favored place, when Otto & Flor Maria visitied us in London, we went to the Oyster Festival inWhitstable. We eat a lot of yummy seafood and looked very much forward to the firework, but unfortunately the boat sunk before the firework could start…… 



Another highlight was our visit in Cornvall – meeting up with Natasha and Andy and her family. We had the most amazing weather and even took a swim in the Atlantic and this in England J
As most of you might know Marcus is learning to fly. He took a flying lesson in Cornwall and I was allowed to go with him and the instructor – magical views, but still prefer to jump out of a plan, then to land in one….


In August we flew to the South Part of Switzerland and stayed in Locarno and Lugano. We did some skydiving and met up with Flor Maria & Otto to celebrate the Swiss National day.



In the same month our friends Rahel & Armin visited us in London.


In August another round birthday was happening. Our friend Michelle in Singapore turned on our wedding day 40. Marcus and I tried both to go, but unfortunately the ticket for Marcus didn’t come true. So I went on my own. Another amazing birthday party. It was great to see Michelle so happy with her family and friends. I also enjoyed my days in Singapore to see Jayne again (lucky us to see each other twice in one yearJ), spend time with Natasha and Andy, Nora, Kent and her family. I even managaed to catch up with Marie and her daughter and Wanni. I was sad when I had to leave for Dubai to visit my customers.

On the last day in August we did our second 10K run we participated in the Nike run around the world. We (I) made a new record and made the 10K in 1 hour and 8 minutes. It was so much fun and I love to run with Marcus. He is so patient and motivates me like nothing else can.


Was the month of work. I went from one exhibition to the next, but more important on September 16th I learned that our good friend Bob had a major heartack. We were worrying sick about him.  He is a miracle, he fighted for his life and is on the best way of recovery.


To relax a bit between all the exhibitions Marcus and I went with Rahel and Armin on wine testing tour in the alps of Switzerland.


In the beginning of October Marcus first gold child Melanie was paptised in Switzerland. Proudly he attended the ceremony.


In October Vicki and I had our first business trip to Russia.  As I’m not too fond of cold countries it’s not my favored destination, but what I like most were the amazing historical buildings and the underground with the chandelier and mosaic paintings and my potential future customers J.


Also in October Marcus had fantastic news he got a new job at Deutsche Bank with a very promising package and work he thought he will enjoy very much. He was lucky and managed to have 3 weeks off between jobs which he enjoyed in Spain skydiving, with me in Switzerland skydiving, a mini wellness vacation with my parents and to round it up a week skydiving and sun bathing in Kenya J…. Life can be really hard J…

Armin and Rahel doing a tandem in Triengen. Marcus is filming Armin in action J


Here we are in the wellness hotel in Sigriswill – relaxing poor with my parents….with sauna, thermalbad, walking and great food and company


Marcus was filming in Kenya a few different skydives – here he is posing with the naked boys J. Don’t worry he still prefers girls J…. We also were fortunate to meet some great new friends one of is Njambi from Nairobi.



In November the last round birthday – Marcus Dad 70th birthday. Marcus Dad organized a wonderful party. We danced the night away.

As this was our lucky year we had one more vacation in December -  we flew to Bali and experienced some incredible scuba diving with our friend Diane & Mike.





After Bali we flew to Singapore to spend time with our friends Michelle & family, Nora & family, Marie & family. We managed also to see Wanni and Suren which was really nice.


We enjoyed the first pre Christmas dinner. It was so lovely to see Nora, Kent, the boys and the parents in law from Kent. It felt almost like our Christmas celebration in Melbourne 2 years ago J



We just were back on time in London  to meet up with our friends  before everybody is going every where for Christmas. I had a lovely evening with Tamara, last Sunday were spoiled by Maria & Tino.  We also managed to meet up with Rakhi & Sands which we haven’t seen for the longest time. To see our friends put is in the true spirit of Christmas – Thank YOU!


We will be spending Christmas and New Year in London. We are looking forward to some beautiful relaxing time and New Years Eve with Helena, Phil, Mairead & Jackie boogie the night away J.

On the 5th of January I will be flying to the US. I can’t be waiting to see our friends there as well, especially Bob & Monqiue and hopefully her mom. The last time I saw Bob in November and he is doing so well. He is walking every day and working hard to get well. We enjoyed playing cards together, even though Bob and Hanspter kicked our putts and we lost big time!

Monique our thoughts and love are with your mom !


Jolanda & Marcus