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Welcome to the Adventures of Marcus and Jolanda…… and to the year of fulfilling dreams and reunions...



Jolanda did her 500th skydive jump in Perris California. Suprisingly her instructor who thought her to skydive in Indonesia in 2001 was in Perris at the same time. She had the pleasure to jump with her friends Thomas, Mike Muscat and Danniel Lee her instructor and not to forget the crocodile :-)


Monique was cheering from the ground.



Also another highlight was Marcus birthday on January 31st :-). The last one starting with a 3...


Jolanda and Marcus experienced the most unbelievable snow in London. On a Sunday evening they travelled to South London for dinner at Tamara's and Shem's place, after the dinner they went to the movies. It started to snow, but they didn't think much of it. When they came out, they couldn't even drive their friends home as they lived up at a little hill (they never noticed before...) and there was no way the car could get up. With summer tires (nobody has winter tires in England as it never has snow on the street...almost never...as they learned the hard way) they slided home..... Jolanda feared more then once for thier lives and they saw many motorcycles, taxis and cars in distress.....

The next day from our balcony

Next evening :-) after drinks with their friends Diane and Mike...



Marcus and Jolanda spend a longer weekend in Engelberg Switzerland with Jolanda's god child Julian and his parents. Giving the first skiing lesson :-), enjoying the Swiss alps, saunas and each other :-)



Marcus and Jolanda spend Easter with Marcus family in Bavarian - a little place where Marcus and his sister used to go skiing when they were young. The Bavarians and Jolanda never understood each other, but anyway had such a fantastic Easter with eventful walks, real Bavarian music, sauna experiences (yes they are crazy about sweating especially Jolanda :-) and they rounded the weekend up in an adventure park.... What an experience. they never thought how strenuous and hard an adventure park could be....

Jolanda's hiking shoes falling apart

Real Bavarian music/dance evening :-)

The adventure park....


End of April/May
Marcus visited Jolanda in the US. They did some wine testing, skydiving in SanDiego and enjoying time with friends.

After Marcus left Jolanda went with Monique for a weekend to Santa Barbara

Marcus and Jolanda also spend a long weekend in Switzerland where they celebrated Jolanda's second god child christening. They choosen the most gorgeous weekend of the year. It was so hot. They went on a bike ride with Julian and met Jolanda's family for a picnic which was amazing. Unfortunately, no pictures yet as we lost ours and are trying to get some copies..


Here a picture of Marcus god child Melanie.... and Marcus playing with adventures Julian. Our god children have to be thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies, otherwise we exchange them :-)

Still in May Jolanda & Marcus also attended a skydiving event for a good cause (beat cancer boogie) in Bitburg, Germany


This summer was the time of reunion. First Michelle with Dakota and Lewis went to Switzerland. Of course Marcus and Jolanda went over too to meet them in Jolanda's home town. They finally wanted to show Dakota and her family the tree Jolanda's Dad planted in Dakota's honor. So everbody went to Jolanda's family forest where they admired the tree and had a BBQ. The kids played like they were in heaven and you couldn't tell that Lewis grow up in city with hardly any forest.... As you can see Dakota is doing very well. If you like to see more details about her development check out her web page: www.littledakota.com.

Behind Michelle, Dakota, Lewis and Jolanda's Dad - Dakota's tree.

Tammy, Ian, Chris(Ting) and Tamara's mom all came to England and were by coinsidence in London for Jolanda's birthday. They can't describe how beautiful it felt to have such good friends in their middle. The sun was shining in their hearts and in the sky :-). The happy feeling was topped by the announcment of Tamara's and Shem's engagement.




Another reunion came their way when Marcus and Jolanda good friends from Indonesia Marie and Ian with their daughter Sarah came to visit. Ian, Marcus and Jolanda were suposed to run a 10K on July 12th, unfortunatley Jolanda injured herself on Friday when she was warming up for her last run before the race :-(

Jolanda's wonderful girfriend Patricia came with Julian to visit her in London too.


Marcus also did his Private Pilot License and started to fly little trips around England :-).



Marcus and Jolanda went with Tamara and Shem to an outdoor picnic concert which was amazing.

They signed and bought one half of a one bedroom studio in Lugano/Switzerland (www.topoflugano.com). Their goal is to rent out to people they know, friends and family to cover the cost and to use it a few times a year for themselve:-).

On the same weekend they bought the studio, there was also Jolanda's school reunion. It was an amazing feeling to see everybody again after 30 years...... Jolanda's classmate were great characters during the school time and it was wonderful to see that they still are :-)




Started the season of exhibitions and work trips. The first one was to IFA in Berlin. Marcus joined them on the weekend and if work trips would be always like it was in Berlin, it would be awesome :-)...after Berlin Jolanda had to go to Amsterdam, Paris...Strasbourg and in October to Russia....

Mercury in retrograde which our good friend Jayne says when things go wrong...... from September 17th until Oct. 1st Jolanda probably had one of her most traumatizing weeks in her life..... First her beloved blackberry broke (She never appreciated a gadget as she did her blackberry after it didn't work anymore....besides her notebook:-)) She got from Marcus his old touch phone (she hates things with touch technology....they are not made for her.....), then the following weekend she fell of a horse and still has issues with her knee despite several doctors visits, her notebook died completely 2 days after her fall and most of you know how much she depends on her portable computer.....then to top it all....Royal mail lost her registered mail with her passport with the Russian visa..... she was in tears to say the least.... luckily with Marcus incredible support she got back the strenght to fight and get her things in order including a new passport and visa in 5 days and made it to Russia :-)


On October 17th Marcus and Jolanda tried to run another 10K again for the Cancer Research foundation. This time, Jolanda's knee still hurt, but she felt good enough to run for their little Dakota (www.littledakota.com). It was rather cool, but beautiful day.... after 5 km everything hurt, but Jolanda always saw the face of Dakota in front -how proud she will be to tell her she finished the 10K for her and she couldn't believe it and finished the run with her best 10K time ever!

Marcus and Jolanda also had the pleasure to welcome freshly married Sharon & Stephan from Melbourne. They were delighted to spend a couple of days of their honeymoon together with them. It was awesome to catch up and to get to know Stephan which they got to like instantly. One of the evening Basel one of the best Swiss Soccer team was playing in Fullham in the Champions leage. Jolanda's cousin Dominik organized tickets and they squezed in the game - despite incredible atmosphere, Basel lost.





Marcus Dad celebrated his 71st birthday with Jolanda and Marcus in London

Marcus also went flying with his parents

Jolanda went with Jayne and Linda to her horseback riding trip of her life in Chile :-). It was amazing freezing, beautiful, memorable experience....




Jolanda and Marcus are flying to Germany on December 23rd and spending Christmas with Marcus family. On the 26th Marcus parents will drive Jolanda and Marcus to Switzerand. They will spend one night with Jolanda's sister at a surprise evening, then travel to Lugano to spend a couple of romantic days together in their studio. Then back on the 30th at Jolanda's sister Karin place for a family dinner, then New Years eve will start with sussagesm, fire and glü-wine in the family forest and then with a lovely dinner and dancing in the evening. They also plan to go snow hiking with Jolanda's sister Karin. Sauna is also on the program and we are sure a lot of eating and drinking so we come back to London like stuffed goose.


Happy New Year,


Jolanda & Marcus