Year 2016


This year we didn’t manage to see family as often as we liked  (this is one of our next years resolutions to spend more time with family). Jolanda still managed to catch up with her family especially with Marcus godchild Melanie in Switzerland. Marcus sadly wasn’t able to make it to Europe this year.

Skiing in Hasliberg Switzerland with Jolanda’s sister Priska, her husband and the boys

Celebrating Jolanda’s mothers day in Switzerland with her Mom and her sister Karin and her girls

Jolanda’s sister Priska visiting New York with her two god children


We feel very lucky to have so many different personalities around the world which are close to us – here just a few starting with our running friends.



Another year of activities, focusing on the training for the NYC 2016 marathon and for Jolanda it was also another year of sailing. Of course we had to get up in the air, work out in the park with Calisthenics and doing Yoga once in a while.

See our marathon video:


We wanted to spend as much time in NY as possible.  So until last week – we only were on two mini vacations. One was a skydiving event in Panama / Contadora Island and the other one was one week Upstate New York, both included skydiving and a lot of partying/relaxing. Now we are on a once in a lifetime trip in Colombia –  exploring the beautiful country and visiting friends.

Contadora Island

Upstate New York


Visiting Noelva and Alex on the way back to admire their new Swiss statue on their Rat Island

The beginning of our trip in Colombia


You can learn  more about our adventure in Colombia on Facebook or on Our Blog


Two memorable events this year, the ball from the Swiss society and the wedding of Sarah Jane and Matt.

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In Memory

Three of our friends have passed away this year, each of them was a true inspiration and we were so fortunate to be able to spend time with them. We will miss you Wendy, Kat and Godiva.