A magical evening in the Magical Castle with Magic Mike

Sunny California is at the moment cloudy, rainy California so our friend Mike and his lovely partner Denise said it’s the perfect timing to experience some Magic at Magic Castle in Hollywood (http://www.magiccastle.com/). Jolanda knows Mike from skydiving and did her 500th jump with him (mikemuscat.com/ftp%3A__mikemuscat.com/Skydives.html).  We saw a few Magic shows and they were incredible. The highlight of the evening was when Mike showed us his own magic. He is so talented and doesn’t just do great Magic, but also entertains people like nobody else does! He ended up at one point to dazzle a whole room…. We also liked the communicative piano which even knew the Swiss Anthem

The Magic mountain has strict dress codes for woman and man and people starting  a road trip a challenge, but our current host Vicki and Tony kindly borrowed us their fancy cloth.

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