Atlanta the Peach City


Yesterday, we arrived in Georgia. We drove to Atlanta to meet with our friend Chuck who we meet during our Singapore time. It’s so wonderful to know somebody where you travel to. He gave us  great tips where to go today and pointed out many interesting facts like that Georgia is known as the Peach State. When today somebody asked me where I stay in Atlanta and I answered on Peach tree Rd know I understand  why they laughed at me as I learned there are about 30 + other sort of Peach streets in this beautiful city :-). They even have a New Years Eve Peach Drop….

Driving through Atlanta was different, it has a lot of houses with gardens and then you have high rise buildings as well. It’s a feeling of a country side with city charm. We went to a Piedmont Park to move our bodies. It reminded us of Central Park in New York City.

DSC00997  DSC01001

We enjoyed lunch on our friend’s balcony where you can see the Atlanta city in the background.


Chuck maybe we never leaving…..magical the view by sunset


The highlight was dinner with Chuck at South City which served some amazing Southern Fusion food. Thanks so much for making our time in Atlanta so special -a memory we will always treasure. Can’t wait to spoil you in New York 🙂

DSC01015  DSC01017

We are thinking that Betsy our hardworking old Mercedes needs a rest and we trade her in for a midnight blue Porsche 911…..


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