Autumn Summary & 2022 Conclusion

Trip to Newport 

Visitors are coming to New York again.

Our friends Susanne und Davide who live in Switzerland visited New York end of October and we thought it would be nice to take them to Newport (Rhode Island). We have been there is the past, but the weather wasn’t great so we were excited to explore the sea town city with them. 

Now I know why everybody raves so much about Newport. It’s gorgeous and we are thankful for experiencing such a wonderful weekend thanks to Susanne and Davide. 

Trip to Soap Lake Washington State 

After coming back from the long weekend in Newport, the next day I flew to Spokane in Washington State to a “feel good retreat”. I have been following Margo thanks to our friend Malisa who introduced me to her facebook page. Any tools for making me feel better I embrace and the tools Margo provides just make me a happier and a better person.

I learned during the retreat to give self massages, learned about postures (gets even more important the older we get), received tools to reduce stress “evo size”. We learned what to eat when you get older, how to create our own positive affirmations, explored the area of Soap Lake and bonded with the amazing other retreaters. I will cherish this experience for ever. 

Check out her facebook if you are up for craziness :-):

Trip to Europe 

Another night in NY and it was time to fly to England for work. The trip was inspired by my Mom. She didn’t do so well earlier this year and just reminded me there is no better time than now.  So I said I’m going to Europe to spend time with my Mom and combined it with visiting customers. Ever since Covid customers visits are even more special. 

It was a fascinating experience. Besides knowing that I want to see my Mom and visit customers, I didn’t make any plans. Before my trip I got reconnected to a wonderful friend who I met in California when I was super young and now  lives in Geneva. In the inspiration of the moment I visited her and her husband in Geneva. I had an amazing time talking about god and the world and even being invited to my friends cousins 50th birthday party and speaking more French than the last 30 years………

Marcus and I still have wonderful friends in England and it was super special to catch up with Jackie, Mairead and Clara.

After my work was finished in England I flew to Zurich and enjoyed every minute with my Mom.  We did yoga together, visited my Mom’s friends, my sister Karins new place and went to a spa together. We also visited my Dad’s grave and just enjoyed each others company like there is no tomorrow. It was really precious. I also managed to squeeze in my favored walk with more than 1000 steps with my girlfriend Patricia and her husband.


I flew back to NY right before Thanksgiving to be with Marcus and to relax… Temptation came calling and we ended up celebrating with our friends.

Marcus enjoyed his sunfish passion with glorious November weather.

Sailing in Jamaica

Somehow I got the inspiration…. to offer myself to participate in  a J22 Regatta in Jamaica in December and when you ask you get. I found a boat who took me on and sailed with the nicest skipper and his mates and daughter in incredible strong winds. We came 3rd, were one of the few boats who didn’t have anybody going over board or retire. Super proud! Added bonus we were able to spend time with Vicki and Clive in their paradise. 

2022 in conclusion 

Now I’m sitting on a plane to German to celebrate Christmas with Marcus parents and I was wondering why I was so stressed in December. I believe it was the most stressful December in my life…. even though I wouldn’t want to give back any moment I had the honor to experience, my resolution for the next year is to plan LESS. 

Life can be so tempting with all the wonderful opportunities it presents and it’s not easy to say no! 

Marcus and I had so many highlights this year – what were yours ?

Our highlights:

  • Marcus running the Berlin Marathon he tried to get in for 6 years. 
  • Marcus teaching his first class by himself 
  • Marcus racing on many different sailing boats from Sunfish to Match 40

  • Me overcome losing my wonderful colleague Clara of 12 years – Clara to another great job she landed
  • Me running a half Marathon in Sonoma
  • Me taking the time, even though I didn’t have the time to go to the retreat to find tools to make me feel better 
  • Me to say no when it doesn’t feel right (still working on it, but huge improvements)


  • Buying a camper with an F150 Truck
  • Visit from our god child Lucas and family to our boat 
  • Surprising my brother in law Philipp in Switzerland for his 50th birthday 
  • Safety at Sea course and Marcus getting his US Coast Guard Captain’s licence
  • Trip to Nashville with our new camper and Luna & sunfish camp
  • Living in the Long Island Sound for a good part of the summer 
  • That we do continued to cherish each other, motivated each other to be better person and encouraged that either of us can do anything we put our eyes on 

We are looking forward what 2023 will bring and sending you love and many new wonderful experiences which turn into your highlights for the New Year, 

Jolanda & Marcus 

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Here’s to a great 2023…Happy New Year!! ❤️

  2. Ron says:

    Schön mal wieder was von Euch zu hören! Wieder Auch auch gern mal wieder sehen

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