Happy 2022 – A New Year – A New Promise

An interesting year ended and finally we had time to finish our reflection!

We started 2021 in Charleston on our amazing Journey South and ended the year in Switzerland!

I always enjoyed traveling, but never thought I would be so grateful to do so! Having to make several Covid tests to be able to advance to the next place made us appreciate every bit of our beautiful Christmas vacation!

What will the future bring?
On Sunday Dec. 12th we travelled with our wonderful boat friends Pam and Don to Annapolis where we met our friends Rebecca & Joseph for a Happy Hour at the Eastport Yacht Club.
Rebecca and Joseph are the couple who bought our Swiss neighbors sailboat. They plan to participate in a sailing race from Annapolis to Bermuda which starts on June 3rd and they have asked us to join as their crew. We are honored to be part of the team and we expect to be racing about 6 to 7 days offshore.

At the December Happy Hour we meet fellow sailors and discussed more details about the race.

See below our happy faces made it to the to the official advertisement for the January Happy Hour.

We also won some sponsored hats but no Rum 🙂

On Monday the 13th of December – Pam, Don, Marcus and I continued our trip to Baltimore to check out the city and to see how we like the Marinas there. Since our beautiful friends and neighbors had to leave our Marina it’s not the same anymore!

My dream would be to live in a Marina with clean water so I could take my stand up paddle board and go for a paddle after work or sail our sunfish at lunch.
So one of our 2022 resolution is to visit different Marinas with public transport New York access and explore if any would be an alternative to our current one.

We are also doing a third attempt to run the Napa to Sonoma Wine half Marathon in July. We are looking forward to go back to the land of the most delicious wines and actually run the official half Marathon.

Marcus has applied in lotteries for many Full Marathons and after 6 years of trying he got finally into the Berlin Marathon in September. He is very excited as he always wanted to run a Marathon in his home country. We are always open for exotic running events – if anybody likes to go somewhere exciting and likes us to join, hit us up!

Latest news is that we are exploring of buying a pickup camper, which we planning to use for journeys on land and be able to get quicker from A to B without burning 18 gallons of diesel an hour with a speed of 10 miles/hour.

2021 in reflection

To be able to travel with the boat South was a true dream come true. It was hard, it was miserable at times, but it was an incredible achievement full of adventure which will fill our hearts for years to come!

Marcus had another dream to get into teaching and he had the first guest lectures at Columbia University and for 2022 he got accepted as an assistant teacher for two courses and as a lecturer for the summer term.

Marcus work as a consultant in banking has been amazing. Unfortunately he learned that the current engagement was cut short and ended end of January, nevertheless there are already some potential gigs in the pipeline and hopefully my work for my clients will continue to grow and we can transfer into digital nomads (my dream) during the semester vacation!

Currently there are a lot of question marks what this year will bring but one is for sure we can feel it will be another exciting year and take every opportunity as they come.

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