Happy Thanksgiving – Journey South – Being spoiled

Did we tell you we LOVEEEEEE Annapolis? The view, the races right in front of our boat, the location….

Sunday Nov. 22 we continued to explore Annapolis and met with our friends for dinner. We met Rebecca and Joseph at a YouTube gathering at UK Sailmakers in Port Chester, NY in early 2020. They ended up buying our neighbor and friend’s Hans sailboat. We connected with them like love at first sight and have stayed in touch ever since!

Monday we ran to Trader Joe’s and Home Depot…. Annapolis has everything!

In the evening we did a sunset Dingy cruise so picturesque!

As we work we wanted to move to our next destination on Wednesday or Thursday (Thanksgiving) but the winds were not in our favor so we got up really early on Tuesday before work and made our way to the Solomon Islands where we wanted to visit Rebecca and Joseph at their home marina.

Another uneventful journey (the best) we arrived in the pretty Solomon Islands safely. Docked…. The wrong way we found out…..how we will get the Dingy off the boat….

We also had the honor to join more of the company of our friends Rebecca & Joseph including celebrating Thanksgiving breakfast with Rebecca’s family and the best despite the rainy forecast we had the most beautiful warm Thanksgiving ever! Also this two are spoiling us…. ..brought us steps so we don’t have to do high athletic workout to get off and on our boat….loaned us their car…cooked the most delicious curry….and are just most beautiful two human beings!

So grateful for each other and each of you in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Kowsalya says:

    Very inspiring and interesting..look forward to more such interesting things from you!

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