January / February / March – Juhu Spring is in the air

On January 20th we drove up to the Adirondacks to pick up our beloved Princess Luna who was on vacation with Ewa, Bill and Hope.

On January 31st it was Marcus special day. I love to spoil my love of my life, but as I felt still very exhausted it was not easy and every idea I had fell apart. However in the end I took Marcus to our nearest Restaurant which had a bubble tent we could sit outside with heater to make the experience memorable.

Also our wonderful neighbors, friends and boat mentors felt bad for Marcus and invited us for another celebration a few days later – Thank YOU for being in our lives and for carrying and spoiling Marcus.

For the first time in January I have been most of the time in the North East. As I can work from anywhere, I made a promise to myself that for 2024 I will never do this again and plan to be in the warmer Hemisphere.

On February 5th finally my airplane left for California. I was still suffering with shingles so traveling was harder than normal, but as soon as I felt the California sun I had every day more energy and the joy of life I experienced was incredible. California is my love of my life….. maybe one day…..

Vicki one of my best friend in California, business partner and mentor moved to Florida. I wasn’t the first time without her there, but it was the first time since she left I was there for such a long time. I missed her a lot, but looking forward one day visiting Vicki in Florida.

Due to the rain everything was green like never before in California. I couldn’t wait to start walking / hiking and Ana my hiking buddy made my dreams come true. I also have co-workers who love to go for walks during lunch breaks and thanks to another friend Connie, I found this amazing yoga at the park with ocean view at Dana Point. …. Also every corner has a fresh pressed juice or plant based inspired health place. A true paradise for me.

I also had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend in Palm Springs. Again I found a hike to make my stop over extra special.

Then on Feb. 18th I drove to Fresno to meet my lovely friend Melissa and her family. After a pretty drive I arrived in a little community near Fresno surrounded by hills and grass fields. I truly enjoyed to spend time with Melissa and her family and had such lovely conversations and a lot of walks.

Back in New York we had the honor to be invited by our wonderful friends Noelva and Alex to join them at a Brunch at the Larchmont Sailing club – what a treat.

Again Malisa & Todd had this amazing idea to open their common lounge area to all their boater friends and neighbors for Friday night pizza and it has become an instant hit. Some people discovered special pizza making talents….

Despite the wonderful catch ups back in New York, the weather was getting to me so when my friend Ana said she is traveling to her hometown Mazatlan in Mexico and if I don’t want to join them, I didn’t need much convincing.

After a week of many walks, one of them sunrise Farro hike at 5:30am , friends and new friends made, tequila, good food I’m re-charged on the way back to hopefully spring New Jersey…..

I believe the main reason that I’m feeling so good is that I really follow my Bold Bodacious goal for this year. Actually they are not so extra ordinary, but have changed my life….

Hard stop at least two evenings to finish work and not to be on the computer anymore no matter what

Every day doing our morning and evening ritual with the the daily inspiration, review of yesterday and aspiration/goals of the day

Joined the tapping summit solution

Malisa allowing me to join her core and arm strength workout challenge

Basically prioritizing our well being before anything else and it feels like a new life

If anybody else is looking for some new inspiration in their lives, here some links of motivations I use:



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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    You are living the life…awesome!!
    Now you need to come up to Vermont….moving up there in July. New home under construction, very excited!!
    How is Marcus’ teaching going? Humming along, I’m sure!
    Hugs to you both!! ❤️

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