Journey Back North – Bye bye Annapolis

Hallo Chesapeake City

Hallo Cape May

Hallo Atlantic City

As you might notice from this blog after leaving Annapolis we were on a mission….

Chesapeake City
The great news we had very peaceful, easy legs.
Hardly any wind, space at the free Dock in Chesapeake City Maryland. Nice other boater from Canada helping us to get into the small space left on the free dock.
Dinner at our favored Tiki Bar, wonderful sleep and another smooth ride to Cape May

Our way to canal near Cape May

Cape May
We anchored at our favored spot besides the Coast Guard Station. In the evening we took the Dingy to find a place to do our Mr Calistenic work out at the beach. One thing about Cape May is there are not many places for Dingy’s to dock. After cruising around for a bit and seeing again wonderful dolphins we found a Marina with a Restaurant with a lot of free space – perfect for a work out. I tried to find a Dockmaster but nobody was around so we just set ourselves up to do our workout after not having the opportunity to do so for sometime….. we felt very rusty….

After a great workout we made our way back, happily cruising along and admiring the sky which showed a storm was coming. Suddenly the engine of the Dingy made some strange noise and we realized we were in very, very, very shallow water 😯 and killed the engine… Marcus tried and tried and tried but the engine wouldn’t start….we were going against current and wind and I tried to help with rowing but neither of us made any progress. So Marcus got into the water and pushed us until the water got deeper again. Slowly we made progress towards our boat, but the wind was increasing and you could really see that the storm was not far away. On top we didn’t take the radio with us…ALWAYS bring your radio – lesson learned! We had boats passing us but either they didn’t understand my waving or were scared to help those strange looking people… By now I had looked up the BoatUS number just in case… The forecast said the bad weather will hit us in about 15 minutes – we saw a boat again and I waved like crazy thinking it was kind of our last chance and by a miracle they came and agreed to tow us to our boat which was by tow 5 minutes away…we never would have made it without this amazing samariters – so grateful!!!!!

The crazy thing the next day by another miracle the engined of the Dingy started right up….

The next evening we wanted to explore a new Restaurant for us called the Lobster House – our wonderful boat neighbors from New Jersey Pam, Don and Pat drove recently 5 hours to eat there so we thought we better check it out while we are so close and it didn’t disappoint. It had a Dingy Dock and easy ride from our boat. Another lesson we learned even if we go with the Dingy now we open the Navionics app or stay in the channel to make sure we don’t drive aground again….

Atlantic City
The next evening we had perfect condition to make our first open ocean leg to Atlantic City
Another beautiful easy journey
We anchored in front of the Golden Nugget Casino again. By now I drive the boat when we anchor and Marcus handles the anchor. Love it this way around much more. Hope one day I feel confident enough to dock the boat.

This time we had time to explore Atlantic City
Interesting place – saw a lot of people looking sick – drugs? Some run down houses…some very new looking casinos, some closed looking casinos, a lot of fishing, beautiful boardwalk, no cute coffee shops, some tacky looking restaurants on the casino mile. At the end we had dinner at a place called Back Bay Ale House. Cute place with good reviews far away from the casinos and near the free Dingy Dock. I had one of my best garlic shrimp with crab dish and because it was so cold the hot soup tasted extra wonderful.

Our next and last post from our Journey Back North we will post later this week…. after we recovered a bit more….it was the trip from hell….and just glad we made it….stay tuned

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