Journey South – We finally made it!

We started November 6th in Jersey City and on January 30th we arrived at our most southern point. We are planning to stay here in Savannah GA one month until we heading back up north. Not sure if we really want to take the same “long way” back on the ICW. See map below.

Overall the trip was around 1200 miles with lot of stops on the way.

Now in Savannah we did already a walk through the historical district and we love it.

As a welcome surprise the power connection from the marina provided a power surge and fried our microwave, milk heater and battery charger (mostly for my tools). I removed the Microwave and with the extra space, I can start re-desiging the galley (kitchen for boaters). The marina is known for fresh free donuts in the morning, but because of COVID no donuts for us 🙁

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