Merry Christmas 2012

Dear family, friends and colleagues thanks for reading our post, commenting and thinking of us. It was an amazing journey. We met a lot of nice people, got to know the South and East of the USA and could picture ourselves to live anywhere from California to Georgia and from Atlanta all the way to Boston. Maybe the next blog will be find a new home for Marcus and Jolanda sometime in 2013 :-).

We found a lovely short term parking spot in front of our building for Betsy :-). It’s even for free, but we have to move it on Wednesdays and Saturdays morning (street cleaning)… Marcus is continuing his research to find something a bit more permanent so we could keep our treasure for a bit longer. As long the parking space doesn’t cost more then the value of the car….


We went to the Christmas Market and I loved it :-). A successful market for me is a market who offers something I never have seen or tasted before.  They had a booth from a local salsa manufacturer  and I fell in love 🙂 and bought 3 different flavors (only 3 because they were sold out with the other flavors which Marcus was happy about :-):



After the market we went to the Rockefeller Center with their famous Christmas tree. There was hardly though any other Christmas street decoration- least not what we could see? With Tammy & Ian in town later on this coming week, we will try to explore more Christmas/New Year things to do in New York.



And our Final World – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of YOU!

May 2013 be the one who brings you health, happiness and love

from not homeless in New York anymore,

Love Jolanda & Marcus


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