Minor Surgery before COVID-19 hits

A few years ago Jolanda was diagnosed with high calcium and high PTH. In the long term this condition would be damaging to her bone density. After a 2nd and a 3rd opinion – she finally decided to schedule a surgery to remove one of her parathyroid glands which was responsible for her condition. The surgery was scheduled for March 10th and this was just the start of the COVID-19 crisis in New York. We had long discussions, but eventually decided to go ahead.

Early in the morning Jolanda went with the Ferry to Manhattan and was scheduled for 10am. Ready for the procedure:

After 4 hours Jolanda woke up from the general anesthetic and I picked her up. We had a very nice trip home again with the ferry. As you expect she was soon back and in working mode.

Now two weeks later she managed to do her first small run and the follow up doctor visit will be a first – a virtual visit online only later this week.

In the meantime we experienced already our next adventure. I will soon post the most spontaneous boating adventure we have ever done…. Stay tuned

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  1. Oh, Jolanda!! So sorry to hear of your surgery, but very happy to know you are well! (Not surprising, knowing you ).
    Continue to heal and stay safe on your Sky’s the Limit!!
    Sending hugs!

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