Mississippi – Gold Coast Skydivers


I want to experience something in every state we drive through – so Marcus investigated what we could do in Mississippi and he found Gold Coast Skydiver which is the best rated dropzone in the US  http://www.goldcoastskydivers.com and they do deserve the high rating! They are just wonderful!

On Saturday morning we left New Orleans not expecting much as the forecast was not encouraging. We arrived around 2pm watching skydivers just landing and received a super warm welcome. We felt right at home and made two magical jumps.


I met the nicest packer Christiana which packed my parachute with such care that I didn’t have my normal turns at opening anymore.



The dropzone had their Christmas BBQ in the evening and invited us to stay. We found out that there were a few hunters under the skydivers and we enjoyed meat of deer, boar and from an elk… amazing! Thanks to all!

DSC00935  DSC00937 DSC00939


and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was offered the most delicious oyster I ever ate…


Everybody brought a dish…there were Mexican Lasagne, the best dip with beans and avocado, shrimps, sausages, vegetables, pastas, anything you could dream off…. and the desserts…. the desserts were to die for….

DSC00944  DSC00943


The dropzone had their annual Christmas party BBQ and the owner Leanne & Vince invited us and made us feel so welcome with all their staff, local loyal skydivers, friends, coffee shop team who by the way make the best smoothies and pan cakes :-). Thank you so much for having us -we will never forget this weekend!



And we even were able to make a jump on Sunday…. when angel travel 🙂 when we looked at the forecast it was raining all the way from New Orleans to Atlanta…. miracle


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