New Braunfels (a little bit of Germany)

Yesterday we were driving South of Austin. We came across a cute little town called Gruene (area of New Braunfels), this area had a long German heritage:

Gruene’s history begins in 1872 when first generation German American farmer Heinrich (Henry) D. Gruene purchased 6,000 acres (24 km2) of farmland three miles (5 km) north of New Braunfels along the Guadalupe River. He built his house and planted his surrounding land with cotton. In 1878, Gruene opened a mercantile store to serve the several dozen or so families sharecropping on his land.


It’s a bit funny that all Germans are supposed to wear “Lederhosen”, even that Braunfels in Germany is far away from the white sausage equator :-). Nevertheless, interesting what Texas thinks about Germany.


We had dinner at a very romantic place called Gristmill at Gruene.


For the evening we stayed at a RV resort, which was very nice and reasonable priced, which served as Jolanda’s office in the morning.

Gas is getting cheaper unleaded 2.89….




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