Reflections 2019

Exciting year with a lot of challenges – and memories we never will forget. Grateful for our experiences and what we have and ready for the changes we want to take on in the new year

Rollercoaster year – our boat gives us incredible joy and obstacles. There is nothing more beautiful to go out on a sunny day with the boat, set anchor, swim in the water, take a shower at home and watch one breathtaking sunset after the other …. On the other hand the list to fix things on the boat is very long. The most frustrating part are the leaks. As of today we have not found a solution. However the highlight has been that Marcus designed and constructed switches for our heaters so now we can turn the heater on and off remotely. Also we are very grateful for the most wonderful neighbors one can wish for – without their constant support we wouldn’t be where we are today – Thank YOU so much!


We started 2019 in beautiful warm Jamaica with a few beautiful scuba dives.


We love Mexico – we had the fortune to travel to Mexico with Marcus work again. This time we went hiking along a volcano and even more exciting we rented scooters to explore the city center.

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Organizing storage

When we moved out of our Manhattan apartment, we stored all bulky and seasonal items into a container which was stored in a warehouse. After 20 months it was time to decide what to keep and what to let go. It was astonishing how much we could fit in our boat for all the rest we had very thankful takers.

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Later in March we were invited to a wedding in Colombia. Our friends Andreas from Switzerland and Juanita from Colombia celebrated a beautiful wedding at the beach. We were so lucky to be invited and able to share the magical moment with the lovely couple. We also meet the families who were very welcoming.

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Jamaica birthday & Goodbye

After Colombia we did a quick stopover in Jamaica to celebrate our friends Clive 50th birthday party. We stayed a last time in our own AirBnB, unfortunately our contract was not renewed for 2020. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot and hope one day we will have our own airbnb again.

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Confirmation of Marcus god child

In April Marcus godchild Melanie had her confirmation – we travelled to Switzerland to celebrate this occasion. This was very special for Melanie as she can’t see Marcus very often.

Wedding Shelter Island

In May – we flew with our own private airplane to the Hamptons to celebrate Jennifer and Josep’s dream wedding with their wonderful family and friends.

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First Trip with our boat

After some serious boat driving practice – we put all our courage together and kidnaped our experienced neighbor Don and off we went on our own first boat trip to City Island to visit our friend Alex & Noelva. This was a day trip we never will forget.

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Next Wedding Upstate New York

In August our friends Ewa and Bill got married, the celebration took place in the Adirondack (Upstate New York). A lot of adventures we had the pleasure to experience during this wonderful wedding trip.

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Parties on the Boat

Luna exploring

Our cat Luna is made for the boat life – while exploring the marina she found a new friend called Hans, she loves to hang out on his boat and gets a lot of attention from her new friend.

Luna’s favored hobby is to check out boats only to see, if everything is in order

2020 here we come – a new decade – new adventures – new memories to be made…..stay tuned…..

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