RV Trip – Nashville Tennesee

Finally we arrived in Nashville – our destination! On our drive, I got us in the mood playing country music on my play list. Jolanda booked a nice hotel room with a kitchen and washing machine. It was about 1.5 miles outside of the city center and once again a train track behind the hotel…..

It was unbelievable but the hotel prices are higher than in NYC. We never paid these kind of prices for such a hotel. Initially we only wanted to stay one night, but we were so tiered that we decided to pay for two nights (the 2nd night was even $100 more expensive than the first one)…..

The first evening we went to our hotel’s rooftop bar which held a concert of some local bands and and had an amazing view of Nashville. It was funny that some bands were so young that the parents were also in the audience.

After we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the hotel’s Japanese / American Fusion Restaurant which was amazing delicious. We also met the owners explaining us all about their food. After we went to bed with our earplugs – hoping for a quiet night. Also Luna enjoyed the hotel room (we had to pay extra for her…).

Next day we were off in the morning for a sightseeing run to explore Nashville, we run along the river and through an impressive park, after we enjoyed our breakfast and a walk on broadway – a lot of interesting groups of people getting drunk before lunchtime.

We have seen many bridal showers and stag nights parties, but the party vehicles with celebrating young people bit anything we have seen before….

In the evening I came up with a list of the top 10 rooftop bars (Jolanda loves rooftop bars). The bars were nice, but mostly part of a hotel serving American light beer. People were super nice and we had some interesting chats with our neighbors. Jolanda was disappointed that non of the roof top bars had any live bands playing country music.

It seemed that we planned our trip around spring break and this is why an army of college kids took over the city.

In the evening the lines in front of the bars were getting longer, but we found a place with good music and nice drinks and stayed there for a while.

Next time we will google the 10 best small live music places…..

Nashville is a cute and upcoming city. We met a lot of people who just recently moved there, because it’s still cheaper for people who live there permantelty…. than California or New York.

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