Second week on the boat

The second week was as exciting as the first one. We still finding things out and learning a lot about the boat.
On Wednesday our favorite surveyor came to evaluate the boat for insurance purposes. After we have invested in so many “upgrades” we would like to insure the boat for a higher current value. Our curious cat Luna was constantly checking on the surveyor if he is doing a good job. Once again we were very happy with Jesse ( and we strongly recommend his service around NYC and JC.

After installing a new battery charger my 2nd project was to replace some bathroom and kitchen faucets, I’m becoming a hobby plumber as well now :-).

On Friday it was time for the annual Christmas party, as you might know Jolanda LOVES to organizes parties with all our friends. This year we were a bit limited with space on the boat but we still had 30 people celebrating with us the Holiday Season. As there was not enough time to get all the food and catering, eEveryone brought some food and we are still enjoying the amazing leftovers. Getting on the boat and even more after a few drinks to get off was challenging for some people but we all had a good time and we can’t thank enough for so many good friends.

On the beautiful Sunday morning we had our first docking and boat handeling lesson with our Australian Captain Troy. He is very patient, calm and explains us things very well and we got to practice docking the boat on our slip. We are very lucky to have him. First thing we learned is that we should not hit things with the boat but sometimes it is unavoidable so it should be done in a controlled way. Here are some pictures of our first lesson:

Now we are preparing for our holiday vacation in Jamaica. Luna is at a boarding home and our neighbors will be looking after our boat. We are so fortunate to have the best people around us.

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  1. So nice to see you made it, and are getting to celebrate Christmas on the boat!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays !

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