Social Distancing boating style

Mid April is the time when the new season for the marina starts, so a lot of boats leaving and arriving. Since most of the marinas were closed until last week, no new boats came but some left already. So this is Social Distancing boating style, currently we have no boat on either side or behind us (our boat is on the far right).

Last week a friend flew his drone around our boat and took some pictures from us having a sunset cocktails. I’m hoping we can hire him in the summer to take some pictures of us on the boat in front of the Statue of Liberty.

We are still trying to make the best out of the situation and stay as active, healthy and connected as we can. Last week though was terrible weather with cold temperatures and rain (exactly the opposite from Europe). Saturday was the day which brought us finally sunshine. I can tell you we enjoyed every second of it!

It stared at 9am with a 5k virtual run with friends from London/UK and a coffee afterwards from our favored coffee place as reward. The wind was calm and we took the boat out on the Hudson for a spin and also to practice to operate the boat with just the two of us. Jolanda is getting better handling the lines at the dock. In the afternoon two friends asked me if I want to go out with them on a sunfish to practice some racing (I have a lot to learn, in the picture below I’m usually the last). In the evening we had a catchup video call (cocktail happy hour) with friends from Florida we have not spoken with for some time, afterwards we had a romantic Raclett dinner. What a beautiful day – grateful!

Sunfish is perfect in the social distancing times – one person per boat and we do need our activities to keep motivated during this difficult times.

Please all stay healthy and safe…

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  1. Rob LeMoine/Misty says:

    Some great photos! It was fun to catch up yesterday…you guys look well. Hope to see you on our travels north or come to SW Florida!

  2. Love these pics!! So wonderful to catch up with you both last night. We will do it again soon! Stay safe and healthy.

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