Summer of 2022 – What a Dream

After we came back from our Camper Adventure – the summer started with me (J24 racing) and Marcus (sunfish racing) at Manhattan Yacht Club.

We have the best sailboat neighbors one can dream of and had the honor to do another sail with our friends Dragana and Kjartan and their baby boy Marco. Our mutual friends Alies and Roel joined us for a fun breezy day of sailing.

As you all know by now – we are crazy about our sailing and the more we do it the more we love it. This summer we wanted to experience different boats and therefore joined as well the Oakcliff Sailing club in Oyster Bay. As a supporter you can sail their sunfish, laser, Swedish 40th and Classic sail boats – heavenly.

The weekend of July 4th our neighbors Malisa and Todd inspired us to join them on an excursion to Larchmont sailing club. We started our trip visiting our friends Noelva and Alex in City Island

On Saturday we arrived in Larchmont where we had the honor also to catch up with our wonderful friends Jo-Anne and Raghu to celebrate Jo-Anne’s birthday

What a fun weekend – this will be a new tradition to sail somewhere on the 4th of July week with Malisa and Todd.

On July 15th we flew again to San Francisco to try to run the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon – 3rd time is the charm. Our amazing Daniel we met while doing the Packard Convertible wine tour the previous year picked us up and showed us San Francisco from a different side and drove us to Sonoma via the coolest beer bar.

On Saturday we were supposed to run a 5K. I woke up with pain in my foot….I had a swollen ankle since months and have been in rehab and couldn’t run. Walking to the starting line hurt…. Marcus said let’s try start running and if it gets worse, we stop…. long story short… we started to run and the pain went away. 5K successful done….next day half marathon and I run it in 2 hours and 45 minutes – no speed record , but I can’t tell you the happiness I felt after such a long time to run without any pain in my ankle.

A wine excursion to our favored winery Frisinger and Packard convertible with Daniel couldn’t be missing

Southern California – visiting my client and having some fun swimming and hiking with my girlfriends

Long Island Sound
It was really important to us this summer to explore the Long Island Sound and enjoy anchoring or being on a mooring ball and make sure we have everything set up so we could work flawless from our boat…. Marcus installed Starlink (Satellite wifi) and it was a success! We spent almost 6 weeks enjoying new Harbors.


Port Washington



Jolanda going in style to MYC Wednesday racing

Malisa and Todd encouraged us to sneak in with their rendezvous group with the Liberty Yacht Club and their trip to Jersey and Staten Island shores – Raritan Bay – read more on Malisa and Todds blog:

I also have applied some time ago for the US citizenship and it’s official, finally this summer on August 14th I become a proud US citizen.

Thank YOU Laura & Raju for the amazing Indian celebration dinner and the cake ❤️

We also welcomed our first visitor since Covid started – our good friend Roe and her boyfriend and his son Damian

Thank YOU summer you have been so good to us. We will miss you, but cherish you for EVER!

Now dreaming to run a Marathon in Berlin (Marcus)….

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4 Responses to Summer of 2022 – What a Dream

  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    So love seeing the fabulous pictures of your great adventures! ❤️

  2. Michaela Massani says:

    It is always a pleasure reading your adventures and check out the pics.
    Summer of 2022 has really been outstanding.
    Now we hope for a beautiful winter.

    • marcuseich says:

      Thanks Michelle, glad that you enjoy our blog. Looking forward to see you and the kids next month for another adventure in the snow.

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