The boat shrunk….

The good news we are finally on a boat.

One thing we learned in boating is, if someone tells you that something will be finished or done at a certain time, add a big junk of time on top.

So we are still waiting that our boat is getting peeled, it was supposed to be done beginning of this week. We were determined to find a temporary accommodation without asking friends for more favors. Our friendly broker Mark came up with an idea: since we have already the slip at Liberty Harbor and he just bought a small boat, we could live on it. Of course as a good broker he smelled the money and made us a “generous” offer, after some hard negotiation we agreed at a price we felt more reasonable. The boat was on a dry dock at the Georg Washington Bridge and needed to be moved to Jersey City. Another thing we learned was: If you assume something is working, it is probably not! So both engines in the boat were not operating. We agreed to move in on Sunday, so our new “Landlord” had to tow the boat all the way to New Jersey. This was in pouring rain and we could observe that from the balcony from our friends place in Battery Park.

The next day we were able to move in. This boat is very small (33ft) and of course not everything is working e.g. toilet. But at least we are at our slip and on a boat.

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