Time Flies – 3 month back

It has been 3 month now that we are back in Jersey City and it seems like a long time. Reason might be that we have done so much. We were so happy to meet our friends again. Right after we got back we got our vaccination shot, so we were ready to socialize again:

Jolanda getting her 2nd vaccination shot

Also we did two obstacle races here in Jersey City with our good friend Roland, the three of us managed to get through the entire course together. It was a fun event and we got some got workout in as well.

We started our sailing season, with Jolanda sailing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with the Manhattan Yacht Club and I’m sailing with our friend Rich and also going out with friend and his little one.

Also I’m back skydiving, Jolanda decided to retire from skydiving after 750 jumps in 20 years, as she is not jumping that much any more and sailing is taking priority in her free time. We agreed that the amount of jumping she is doing is not really safe as she is not able to stay current. So now i can go on a weekend day to Skydive at the Ranch and Jolanda can have her “Jolanda” day and relax 🙂

Also in June there was Jolanda’s birthday, on her birthday she wanted to go sailing (what else) but we organized a surprise party afterwards and the next day I organized a trip to Maine, Jolanda always wanted to go. She was very nervous as she did not know where we are going. Only when we left the airport in Bangor she realized were she was. The birthday was also our 20 years we know each other, so I planned a romantic getaway. During the vacation we meet up with our friends Loony and Shake, who we meet on our trip in Savannah, at Islesboro.

Here are some impressions from Maine:

On 4th of July we went out with our boat to see the firework over New York City. Some of our friends came along and we enjoyed delicious food, drinks and a relaxing time on the boat. In the morning the current was making our boat rolling so much that we decided to get back as soon as possible to get some more sleep in. So we found out why not more boats are anchoring in the cove with the beautiful view over Manhattan.

For the last 2 years we are trying to run the Napa Valley Half Marathon, unfortunately this year again it was cancelled. We still decided to go with our friends Alies and Roel to do some running and a bit more wine tasting. The first day Alies and Roel rented tandem bicycles (that’s what the Dutch do) as our main choice of transportation. On the next day Jolanda organized a convertible limousine to bring us from vineyard to vineyard.

From North California we flew to the southern part of the Golden State, where Jolanda had some business meetings and also was catching up with old friends we have not seen for a while. Her friend Monique organized a wood painting and Ana a hike at the Laguna hills, afterwards we had a nice picknick on the beach. Despite Jolanda getting sick for a few days (initially it was suspected to be appendicitis, but luckily the emergency hospital did not find anything and it was nothing serious) we had a great time. We meet up with our friend Bob and his wife and I also got some flying in by booking some aerobatic lessons at the local flight school.

Last but not least we have a new member of our Hudson Point Marina community, Marco was born about a month ago and his proud parents invited us along on his first sail. Marco slept most of the time but we all enjoyed the day on the water. Congratulation Dragana and Kjartan.

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories of your journeys! Love seeing all of it, and Jolanda, that pink hat is awesome!!
    Nancy & Rob…currently loving life on Lake Champlain!

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