Twice 25 – a big mile stone during Covid

June 22nd….mosquitos kissing me and keeping me awake…thinking how sad to have such a special birthday during lock down… then thinking I am in charge of how I feel and TOMORROW I’m choosing happiness and …..
…. really what was I thinking….. Marcus had spoiled me already with little surprises every day in June with poems, reading to me, romantic dances, massages and even playing games with me…

June 23rd 
It’s barely 8am and Marcus tells me I have to hurry up…. It seemed we are getting ready for yoga….but he makes me sit down in front of the computer…and there are people popping up from all over the world…..what a surprise….our so missed friends from around the world ❤️❤️❤️. I never thought that a zoom call could produce so much happiness. I can’t tell you how much it meant to see everybody from Australia (10pm)  all the way to California (5am). 

After a wonderful breakfast – more memorial zoom calls followed Thank YOU ❤️!

The rest of the day we took it easy with visiting the Liberty State Park with yoga and picnic.

In the evening I had to go sailing and when I came back Marcus organized a couple of surprise guests for the after sailing celebration and the BEST- the most wonderful cup cakes (Swiss made by Esther) I ever ate. 

The next day Marcus took me out for drinks and I looked forward to a romantic dinner, but we had to pick up something on the boat….and when I arrived at the Pier I was speechless…..I didn’t see it coming………………………. Everybody at the dock kept for themselves the last couple of weeks and I never imagined I would be able to celebrate with our most wonderful neighbors …. What a party and what a cake….. Wow this year was the year of birthday cakes….

Next day I got up and I had to pack….the next thing I know Marcus was picking up a Mustang wonderful Convertible….I LOVEEEE Convertibles – just in case somebody doesn’t know yet 🤩….Marcus drove us up near New Paltz to Mohonk Mountain House – which is one of the most romantic stay I had the pleasure to experience….

Next day we took a ride and ended up at a river. I hoped to see our friend Roe, but there was nobody – still loved that Marcus was taking me kayaking as it always was on our bucket list to do so in New Paltz…. 
Marcus saying to me: can you paddle a bit faster…
Me: ..but then I have to paddle all the way back again…..
Suddenly I see some creatures…with balloons, glasses and funny hats….. I couldn’t believe my eyes and could cry what a surprise to see Roe, Ewa and Bill….

The wonderful week was rounded up with a beautiful visit in City Island crashing our beautiful friend Edna’s birthday party….Thank YOU for having us despite a few hick ups!!!! We never will forget!!!

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  1. Robert LeMoine says:

    Now that’s a celebration!! Well done !!

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