Washington, D.C.

We arrived in Washington DC, we choose to live in the Hilton Garden Inn close to all the sightseeing spots in Downtown DC. We are surprised that the hotels are so cheap, guess everyone is going home for Christmas. But charging $38 for a day parking is a bit steep – which reminds us how special Atlanta was = free parking… unheard of for people living in New York or Washington DC…

Weather was a bit cold and windy but we still managed to get out and around.

Recognise the White House?



Getting in the Christmas mood


In the evening we got spoiled from the Hilton bar team with great drinks to warm us up.


Thanks so much for the entertainment we had so much fun:DSC01041

Tomorrow we are planning to be back in NYC, so we are on our last leg.

Interesting observation Washington DC buildings are a 10th of the hight than the New York ones, streets are double the size, everything looks cleaner and more colonial to us.


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