Last day in Arizona

Not many things get Jolanda out at 7am in the cold…..yes we are in Arizona….but it’s  30 Celsius (80F) only during the day……

I could convince her to leave the warm office and do a Ballon jump with me from 5,000ft in the desert. While waiting for our ride, she still found an internet to answer Emails….

On top of the world

Going for it….


We landed in the desert after one of our most amazing jumps – Thanks Mike for the instruction how to jump off a ballon, Jolanda was screaming better than you

In the afternoon we were flying from Chandler / AZ to Sedona, for all you pilots that was the route:

Thanks to the Chandler Aviation Service who provided us with the Cessna 172 and the CFI Curt, to teach me mountain flying

Wondering why Jolanda wears that much clothes….backseat and 9000 feet….



To round up a day in style in the Jacuzzi

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