A dream comes true – Going South – Turn Lemon into Lemonade

We are reporting from Sandy Hook from our first anchoring on our way South!

We can’t believe the last time we have been outside of the country was on March 18th. The summer has been a rollercoaster, but we are very grateful for each other, Luna, sailing, our boat, our marina, our neighbors and friends to make this a very special summer despite Covid.

Marcus quit his job in March and we hoped to become digital nomads and travel the world….. so after being stuck at one place the longest since 1998….we decided that this winter we make out of a limitation a dream come true and travel South with our boat….

During the summer we practiced to get better to go to places with our boat – mostly mooring and anchoring. We also had the longest “to do” list in our history – and worked hard to make improvements on our boat – especially Marcus with the help of our neighbors!

Today after 1 hour delay we left Hudson Point Marina at 3pm in 20C calm weather! Remember it’s November 6th and tomorrow it will be even 22 C!

We have travelled this route a few times this summer so it was super easy. The only bit of excitement to use our new “super duper” anchor, but it was easy to lower it. Hopefully it will be as easy to pull it up… it’s a bit bigger and needs special handling to get it back on the boat

Jersey City to Sandy Hook:

Tomorrow morning we plan to leave at 5am for Cape May… stay tuned

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