Second Day of our Journey South

The alarm went off at 4am and we left at 4:50am…. we left in pitch black…

Love the sunrise but don’t like to drive in the dark – especially with crab pots all around us…. we made it though safely into the most gorgeous sunrise.

It was a very non-eventful drive… flat water, warm (19C on the sea).

However we realized soon that going to Cape May despite the early start would only get us there after dark so we changed our plans and made our destination Atlantic City. I never have been there and it looks so pretty from the water.

We found an easy anchoring place right in front of the Golden Nugget. Tomorrow it should be an easy less than 4 hours drive to Cape May….

Our rout today

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  1. Ernesto says:

    Love you guys!
    So happy to see yours adventures

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