Day 17 – WE MADE IT – Sky’s The Limit is home

What a relief, we made it back to Jersey City. A four day trip turned into a 17 day odyssey. A lot of ups and downs, very emotional but also very rewarding. We feel very proud of our persistency to accomplish our mission. It was one of the most challenging endeavors in our life’s. It’s such a good feeling to be finally home.

Can you see the happiness in our smiles when we finally saw the Stature of Liberty. The last 60 miles was a smooth ride, also thanks to our 3rd captain Jay. Yes, we had 3 captains on our “4 day trip”, thanks again to Rebecca, Troy and Jay.

As we arrived in Jersey City, we filled Diesel tanks, cleaned up a bit and invited our new neighbors for a small welcome party.

Luna is probably coming tomorrow and there is still stuff to do. We will keep you updated and hope you enjoyed our story so far. Now we can enjoy the holiday season by decorating the boat (Jolanda has already started).

P.S.: two pictures a friend of ours took on our arrival

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2 Responses to Day 17 – WE MADE IT – Sky’s The Limit is home

  1. Rob LeMoine says:

    Fantastic news! Congratulations!! We are having a transmission problem that will delay our travel in January, but that is boating!! Boat will be hauled out for 2 weeks so we are scrambling to find a temporary home while the work is done. Happy holidays!!

    Rob and Nancy

  2. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Congratulations, happy sailors, well done and much to be proud of!
    Merry Christmas, and have fun decorating!

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