Day 14 of our experience

So as you have read I surprised Jolanda to accompany her on the last of our journey. I was very scared that she is calling me in the bus during the 3 hour ride and finds out, luckily everything worked out that night.

We went to bed and I had the alarm set for 3am to register for the Berlin Marathon 2019, it was a first come first serve draw. Unfortunately I took me 10min to find out were the registration button was, so I did not make it.
On the bride side we had a beautiful morning and engines stared smoothly.

We took off bright and early for our leg to Jersey City. The first few hours were beautiful, chilly but great views and sunrise. At Atlantic City we realized that the swells were getting much higher, wind picked up and visibility deteriorated. We were trying to get into an inlet just after Atlantic City but we could not even see the canal markers. So we continued in the Snowstorm. I can’t tell you what torture the next couple of hours were, BIG swells, sometimes the boat even diving into the swells and all things not secured flying through the boat. We were so lucky that our experienced captain Troy managed to get the boat into Barnegat inlet to get shelter. Even he US Coast Guard was watching over us that we made it through the canal safely.

Completely exhausted and relived we ended the day at Lighthouse Marina at Barnegat bay. So long story short we are still 60 miles away from Jersey City, but we learned a lot today (especially how much beating our boat can withstand). We have some bad weather forecasts the next days so we hoping we will be able to finally arrive at home on Saturday.

Stay Tuned……

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  1. Rob LeMoine says:

    Quite the adventure for the two of you! I hope none of this will scare you from boating. You are gaining confidence and experience. Best of luck for the rest of the trip home.

    Nancy and Rob

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