Day 13th – December 4th

So we are 13 days into our adventure to bring our beloved Sky’s The Limit up to Jersey City. So this means I have lived on our boat now for 13 days and nights  :-)!

Day 13th was so beautiful!  Gorgeous weather, beautiful heater running and looking forward to the next day to bring the boat up to Jersey City…..

Suddenly around 3pm I felt it’s getting colder and I turn the heater up, but I realize it’s not producing heat anymore…I checked the voltage…something wrong! After a few calls I find out that our super nice, expensive mechanic turned off the battery switch…. he wanted to come up to check…but even though I like him, I’m like –  oh no – not another $210 per hour…. I can do this!  Just tell me which switch to turn on and I did. I see the battery improving immediately. However after a while  it doesn’t seem to improve the battery anymore. By that time Troy our captain arrived and our expensive, nice mechanic had an idea (maybe he felt a bit bad to turn off our battery switch :-)…he advised us to go and buy a battery charger…. off we went with Mr Uber Formula racer to make it before the automotive store closes. Troy our captain connected the charger to the battery and it seemed somewhat to work…. we looked forward to a relaxing evening with no worries, but we ended up concerned we can’t start our boat in the morning… while we were going through our options, I checked the voltage upstairs again and suddenly the door opens and somebody stands in front of me and I scream….. Marcus arrived to surprise me….Thanks  to the late George H.W. Bush Senior.  The banks closed Wednesday because of his funeral and Marcus got the day off and wanted to join us for the last leg. Did I mention lately that I have the most wonderful husband in the world?

I hand this blog over to Marcus to document day 14th after a sleepless night due to excitement, a bit of worries that the boat will not start and Marcus trying to win a lottery entry to the Berlin Marathon at 3am in the morning…..

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    You guys are amazing! ❤❤❤❤

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