Marcus left Sunday night back to the city as he had meetings to attend. So I stayed by myself on the boat. I must admit I was scared. After 5pm there is not a soul on the marina during this time of the year.

Cleaning the boat calmed me down and after watching a feel good movie,  I slept surprisingly well. This morning another beautiful sunrise in paradise and I started my day with a mediation. After I made my tea, I smelled burning and saw smoke in our downstairs living room…. panicked I run to the Marina office and asked if somebody could come and have a look…. I was so scared!

A nice guy with the name of Bob helped me to turn off everything. I called  the Marina where our boat has been fixed up the last 6 months. They asked me to identify where the smoke is coming from and I just couldn’t tell for sure…. it was so smoky and smelly… After turning everything off again, helpless I went back to see if somebody could assist me again and I learned I’m on my own!

Devastated I went back and called Coltons Point Marina again… This time they asked me  to turn on switches – one by one – and smell and investigate what happens before switching on the next one. For the first time I climbed into the engine room and the hot water heater compartment.  Mark patiently helped me to troubleshoot everything. I was able to identify from which area the smell came from even from which corner, but couldn’t find for the world of it anything burned. Too make a long story short, we only turned the most necessary switches back on and I had no more smelling and smoke!

Miracles the starter (remember our right engine stopped working) already arrived today and another Mark from MidCoast Marina had time to come and install it this afternoon.  He had a look at my concerns about the burning/smoking too and he determined the inverter was the culprit. It was exactly at the spot where I smelled the burning.  Lucky this equipment is not doing anything for us at the moment so he removed it and took it with him for further testing.

In the beginning of today I had no confidence! I thought I couldn’t troubleshoot or find out issues and do something about it on the boat on my own! I was scared to be alone on the boat!

Tonight I feel empowered. I  have the believe that the next time I have a challenge, I can actually do something about it!

Good night world,






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2 Responses to Scary

  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Good for you, girl! Sounds like you made all the right moves, so yes, you SHOULD feel empowered!

  2. marcuseich says:

    I’m so proud of my first mate ….

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