Easter Still Connecting

What a difference…..

Easter 2019 celebrating with our NY / NJ friends in person on our boat

Easter 2020 spontaneous zoom catch up with friends from our Singapore days

This time Easter we celebrated over 5 time zones (Wyoming 7am, New York 9am, Switzerland 3pm , Koh Samui 8pm and Singapore 9pm). Looking at a bright side, before Corona we probably would never managed to get together like this! We are still trying to make the best out of the situation and these kind of things bring us closer together.

Some decorations Jolanda and our neighbor Lori did for the festive season:

Also this was the first official week without a job in finance for Marcus. It was a tough decision to resign but if you don’t enjoy your job any more you have to find something else. He got promoted to technical advisor and assistant of Jolanda. The office is much closer and the dresscode is more appropriate, just waiting for my first paycheck 🙂

Besides the work we also got out to get some fresh air, of course with the necessary safety distance and facemasks. On Thursday we ran a virtual 5k with our friend in the UK. And we took the boat out to check if everything is still working and training for a two crew journey.

P.S> last week was my first time shopping in Trader Joe’s after standing in line for about 45min to an hour keeping a secure distance of 6ft, as soon as we went in the store no one cared about the distance any more. Instead of waiting to let people shopping and then go to the shelf people just stood shoulder to shoulder and were spending ages to decide what they want to buy. This does not make sense.

We hope you all stay sane and healthy…….

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