Quarantine, busier than ever

In the last two weeks we were so busy, we couldn’t believe it. I had to finish up some work for the bank, before leaving and Jolanda got a new exciting client which we think has a lot of potential.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky as we have a lot of outdoor area and the park is not too far away for a run. We are keeping our distance to others (even boaters) and do not go shopping unless we really have to. The restroom of the marina closed so we have to have the pump out boat coming every other week to empty our waste tank. One project I finished is the gage on the fresh water tank, finally we are able to see how much fresh water we still have on our boat. This can come in very handy especially in winter when we have complicated ways to fill up our water tanks. The old gage was not working anymore, as you can see from the picture below.

Also Jolanda discovered mold on our boat and she is on a mission to get rid of all of it on the window frames (that might take a bit longer).

Last weekend was quiet eventful. Our nice neighbor Mark (who was a tenant at our marina for 20 years) left. We really hope we getting a nice neighbor again. See below a picture from our boat with the slip in front empty. Also we removed all the winter covers and celebrated with our first outdoor fondue on the flybridge. As it was so nice weather we took two Kayaks from our friends (thanks Franco and Frank) to explore the Morris Canal. The wireless headset (called marriage saver) – came very handy. With this nice weather we are doing Yoga and Workout session on the dock, for our fitness and also as entertainment for our neighbors. In the evening all neighbors gathered at the dock for a little happy hour – of course with the required 6ft safety distance.

Our cat Luna got a new job, we are using her as a homing pigeon. Attaching little notices on her collar for the neighbors and they reply as well. Luna loves to visit the neighbor boats and stays for a while.

Today we learned that all parks in New Jersey were closed down including our favorite Liberty State Park. Luckily we still had the chance to smell the flowers last week. Hopefully this situation is over soon and we all can get back to our normal life’s.

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2 Responses to Quarantine, busier than ever

  1. Clara Valencia says:

    Love love love what you guys are up to this days!!!
    You two are my inspiration!!!!
    Keep healthy and strong

  2. Thinking of you and all of our NYC friends at this incredibly difficult time. Looks like you’re making good use of your extra time! We are in Ft. Myers, FL, and are disappointed as many are not taking this seriously. Friends from our Loop arrived several days ago. We arranged to catch up from afar, taking our dinghy over to their dock. The plan was we would stay in our dinghy in the water, they would stay up on the dock. When we got over there, there was a full blown “docktail” party going on…16 people, in a large group (no distancing), and sharing food (think sticking your hands in a bowl of chips!!). We were pretty horrified. Stayed in our dinghy, and will never do it again. We have plenty to keep ourselves busy onboard! Lots of cooking, reading, excercise, boat projects, and for me, my needlepoint and painting.
    Pushed back the house closing until June, and we will work to renegotiate the price, as the pandemic is having a profound effect on housing, and it will likely get worse. We’ll see what happens come June. For now, we’re taking it one day at a time!
    Stay safe, and keep up your positive attitude…not easy! Oh, and your fondue is making me miss mine…packed in storage in NJ! ❤️

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