Escape from the last cold days in NY (2) – Jamaica

When our magical time in Colombia came to an end we had a very early flight from Barranquilla to Montego Bay. At 5am in the morning I was not fully awake and left my mobile phone in the cab to the airport. Once you lose your phone you realize how important it is, on the bright side, I told everyone that I could not read any work emails so I had a really peaceful time until getting back to NY. I might have lost some of my contacts stored on the phone, I will reach out to you if yours got lost.

The reason to come to Jamaica was the birthday party of our friend Clive, he is also the manager of our the Airbnb villa in Ironshore (15 min from the airport). Check it out under Ironshore Villa with Pool at Ironshore. Vicky organized a great party with DJ and delicious food at the house.

The time was very relaxing and we spend a lot of time reading at the pool. We also were able to go one day Scubadiving with ScubaCaribe. This was the 2nd time diving with them and we strongly recommend that place.

Finally it was time to go home and get back to work. Jolanda spend a few more days in Jamaica but had to go back eventually.

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    So love hearing of your journeys! We will be in the NY/NJ area in mid May-early June, still a lot still TBD, but we’ll keep,you posted, as we would love to see you, your new boat home, and meet Luna!! . We’ll Let you know when we’ll be around Liberty!

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