Escape from the last cold days in NY – Colombia

Last week we were invited to our friends Juanita and Andrea’s wedding in Colombia and were so excited to celebrate with the happy couple, their family and friends.

We took the opportunity to see more of Colombia too and spend some nice time at the beach. We flew from Newark to Panama and then to Barranquilla. After one night at an interesting hotel in Barranquilla we got a ride to Santa Marta. After acclimatizing we joined the wedding party for a pre-wedding celebration. Both the pre-party and wedding were amazing and the perfect location for such an wonderful event. We were so lucky to be invited to this special celebration.

It was one of the most magic places we visited recently, on top of that we had also an amazing accommodation La Mar de Bien
The rooms were very quiet and ceviche was delicious. See our hosts below.

We can’t wait to come back again.

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