Finally, we doing progress

So we have waited for a long time and the time has come that the hull is not drying any further. That means we are ready to laminate. The peeler came back and started to laminate for 3 days now. Overall his work should take a total of 2 weeks. The boat is about half laminated right now:

It is always exciting to see progress. So the bottom should be done by the end of the month.
What we also want to do is to install a heating system, Jolanda should not be cold even in winter. At a minimum we want to heat the master bedroom and the saloon. The heater will run with the diesel from the tanks so we can save a bit on the electricity.
We need to decide between:
Airtronic Air Heaters ($$)
– Fast, direct interior heating.
– Fresh air or circulating air heater.
– Pre-selectable room temperature.
– Ideal for retrofitting.
– Can be used as cabin ventilation without heating.
Hydronic Water Heaters ($$$$)
– As central heating with supply and return pipes, as well as radiators, convectors or fan radiators.
– Precise control by radiator thermostats.
– Heat the domestic water in addition to the passenger compartment.
– Pre-heating the engine.

Of course there is some difference in pricing, so lets see what the marina is coming back tomorrow.

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