Options, options, options….

People have been asking what we will be doing for the winter. That’s a good question…. We do have interesting options:

1. (M+J-L) Marcus and Jolanda could stay at a good friends place in Union City, but they don’t allow cats
2. (M+L-J) Luna and Marcus could stay at another good friends place in Brooklyn minus Jolanda (because the landlord is around during the day and it would be better not to see Jolanda working from home
3. (L-M-J) Luna minus Marcus and Jolanda can stay at a great cat sitter’s home in New Jersey
4. (M+J+L+$$$) All of us could stay possible at a 1 bedroom apartment in New Jersey city (Jolanda will have a look at it on Sunday)
5. (M+J+L+$$-BED) All of us could stay in a 1 bedroom apartment unfurnished in Hoboken – challenging as our furniture is in storage and we prefer not to mess with the furniture until our boat comes.

Stay tuned….

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