Fundraising for the first time

    Some shameless self-promotion:

I’m extremely grateful to be able to join the CS team for an incredible bike ride leaving the CS New York office on October 12th and arriving at the CS Raleigh campus on Oct 15th. With stop offs in Philadelphia, Washington DC and the border of Virginia, I will be covering around 300 miles on the saddle.
I have set up a fundraising account for anyone who wants to contribute to this charity:
CS Charity Bike Ride

Thanks to everyone for the support and hopefully I will survive this ride just 5 days after the Chicago Marathon.
Fingers crossed!

P.S> This is not the bike I will ride from NYC to Raleigh, but I liked the engraving “YOU ARE THE ENGINE”.

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  1. Avalanchexie says:

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  2. Flukehey says:

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