New Challenges

After coming to terms that we will not move into our boat until April next year, we decided to stay on the temporary boat as long as we can. Despite getting wet while raining and not having a functioning bathroom, Jolanda and Luna are enjoying their time on the boat too much.

Unfortunately the apartment we were planning to stay over the winter announced that they do not allow cats in the building any more, so now we have to find a place to stay from October to April. If anyone has a recommendation for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment not too far away for a reasonable price, or somebody would like to look after Luna, please let us know.

Marcus created a Facebook page for Luna, so you can follow what she is doing and also talk to Marcus on Messenger since Luna’s paws do not fit the keyboard.
Luna the Explorer

In the meantime the latest progress on our boat shows very little improvement that the hull is drying to acceptable levels. Mid September the lamination will start on the side which has already acceptable readings, also the transom will be peeled as well. All major items from the survey will be addressed, interior woodwork has been finished and broken window will be replaced. In addition the boat will needed to be winterized, we are still debating if we need to shrink wrap the boat or not.

Last weekend we have been invited to a friends place Upstate NY at a very nice house in the woods. It’s so beautiful and it’s magical to have a real bed, toilette and shower! It was a 5 hr drive and we had to leave Luna back in NJ. First time she spend a few nights at a boarding home for animals. She was definitely not happy to be locked into a small box in a room with other cats. Hopefully she will not be upset for too long.

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    Oh, no! Sounds like you have a bit of a plan, and the boat…frustrating I’m sure! Please keep us posted on your whereabouts, as we would love to see you guys when we venture back to NY/NJ. In Nantucket now, heading to MV today, then Block next week, LI north shore after that.
    Be patient with the boat, I can assure you it’s worth it!
    Best to all, and hope Luna recovered from her boarding!

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