so near and yet so far…..

You know the feeling somebody talks about their boyfriend but he might not exist as no one has seem him yet? This is a bit the feeling we have with our beautiful boat Sky’s The Limit…..

It has been raining for weeks in the DC area and Europe has an incredible heatwave (can’t we have it here). As a result the hull of the boat is not drying at all, so two weeks ago the marina has made very little progress on on the boat. They can’t give us a realistic completion date any more. There is some peeling and grinding left before we can start laminating. So after all the efforts, extra measurements and additional money spend it was truly a devastating day to hear this.

Jolanda had a hard time to cope with the uncertainty this summer. Also living on the temporary boat (no proper shower, toilet and water leaks during rain) and lack of sleep is getting to her so we decide to PULL THE PLUG

…. meaning we will not get the boat up to New Jersey this year. We leave Sky’s the Limit down in Maryland and pick it up in Spring 2019.

Unfortunately Mark our favorite broker and owner of the temporary boat, we are staying on, smelled money as soon as he has heard the news and made us a “reasonable” offer …. NOT. So now we have until the weekend to figure something out, we might be able to stay on a friends boat for another 10 days on the same pier but then we will be homeless again and need to leave the Marina (but still paying the slip for the rest of the season).

Our dream would be to stay the next two month on the marina and then sublet a small apartment close by to bring us through the winter. So if you have any contacts who are looking for a short term renter with a very lovely cat please let us know.

As I’m writing this Jolanda is sailing so she still enjoys spending time on the water. So it is going to be interesting where we are going to end up. Stay tuned…….

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  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    First, I love the way you started this post, Marcus. Pretty spot on. We wish we were down there to offer you two someplace to crash! So frustrating! I will post something to inquire if anyone knows of a short term rental in Jersey City, preferably near the marina.
    We are starting our journey south from Lake Champlain today. We plan to be in Liberty Landing (if they have space!) next weekend, and would love to see you two. Are your around? Probably best to communicate via email: or Fingers crossed that you find something quickly!

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