Free again – arrived in Virginia – Journey South

We still had a few set backs and intense discussions – Marcus can cover that part in a later post….

However on a more positive side we have started our yearly tradition of our special advent calendar which means Marcus surprises me on the even days and I surprise Marcus on the odd days during December.

My first surprise was last Wednesday December 2nd, Marcus convinced our kind owner from Coltons Point Marina to loan us his car and Marcus took me back to Solomon Islands to meet up with our friends Rebecca and Joseph and we had a beautiful dinner together and then we went to see the Christmas light show, the upside of a pandemic is that we were the only ones there besides 1 other family!

Did we just talk about the upside when something bad happened…. On Saturday Dec. 5th we got up early and wanted to leave… but the weather gods were not with us so we went on a massive bike ride 27 miles round trip to the nearest town called Leonard Town there we met again our friends Rebecca and Joseph and we rounded the weekend up with a St. Nicolaus celebration & game night on Sunday on our boat.

On the way back we were so late that we were riding in the dark and got to see the most magical Christmas decoration ever

Today the weather looked amazing and so nothing could hold Marcus back to continue our journey and off we went despite it being during the week.

Mark the coolest Marina owner we ever met – Thank you again for your patience with us

Bye, bye Colton Point Marina

What a nice feeling to be on the route again

I had a little scare while being on the helm with my first fish net…. I saw the buoy with the flags and then I saw other buoys with flags and I’m this is a bit strange and what is all this little thingy in the middle…. anyway frozen I yelled Marcus stop the boat and my hero husband did….. top priority practicing emergency stops for me! When the sun was settling we had a few more close calls with crab pots which were incredible not visible…. We did arrive though safely in Virginia and are at anchor Kilmarnock and have the best internet connection since 2 weeks…..and just experienced another breath taking sunset

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  1. Alison (Ali) Raynor says:

    That truly is an amazing sunset Jolanda…. I love that you 2 are out there hell~bent on turning this hideous pandemic into expedition of positive adventure <3
    So fabulous!!

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