The journey South continues – ICW here we come

Ok first of all technical problems:

  • The Inverter/Charger is not fixed yet, we still trying to keep the fridge cold with a $80 converter, generator and starting batteries.
  • To make things more difficult our generator is starting to be a bit moody during startup and it takes a few attempts to get the motor running.
  • Also we realized that our 2 year old water heater is starting to leak. The marina checked with the manufacturer that the heater is “prematurely” leaking. Apparently they are not build for every day use and the lifetime is about 5 years.
  • So if you think that a new’ish boat is better than an old one, think again. Even after 2 years things will starting to break.

Ok enough of all to the whining…,

After we left Maryland things were finally moving (actually we were). We took Luna on a beach walk just for ourselves. This was her first dingy ride and she got very curious. I think she is getting more adventures day by day and is really embracing the boat adventure life.

Next day we left the beautiful bay and went to Hampton VI a small University Town.

Anchoring in the middle of the town was a bit of a challenge. First we found the prime spot just opposite the city marina, but our anchor did not hold and was plowing the entire anchoring area. We had to take down the antennas to fit under a bride and found a nice still close area to stay.

So first thing first going shopping. Jolanda’s new favorite: ALDI’s – they have even German Lebkuchen (Gingerbread).

Jolanda was very successful on her shopping trip….

In the night we went out for drinks and dinner outside, we had the town almost for ourselves as the students already left the town and we saw one of the cutest Christmas boat decorations….

The next day we went for a run. We even managed to run over a bridge where we could take pictures of us and our boat.

Then we started our journey to Norfolk the biggest naval base in the world and we got to see the USNS Comfort Hospital Ship which came to assist New York during the earlier Covid Pandemic this year.

Suddenly we saw dolphins – we love dolphins – so happy campers dancing around our boat

Then our journey continued to the ICW…..bridges and locks here we come….Jolanda was super nervous…we both had no idea what to expect and what to do….

Train bridges…just drive through? There was a big barge and we thought the best just to follow. We learned later that the train bridges sometimes decide to lower the bridges to let trains through without clear warning… Lucky we missed any of those surprises….

We approached the first lock…. what do we need to do? No idea…. Lucky there was another boat ahead of us and we just tried to watch what they were doing and copied their moves while Lune tried to jump off. Lesson learned we will need to secure Luna when we will go through Locks in the future.

After another bridge we arrived to another free dock and locking forward to our last week of work before the holidays.

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3 Responses to The journey South continues – ICW here we come

  1. Nancy LeMoine says:

    OMG….you just went through our old”home port”….we spent 6 months at Tidewater Marina in Portsmouth…know exactly where you are! But, where are you headed?? Let us know if you have ANY questions!

  2. Harry Vandermeer says:

    Love your post. Thought we were the only ones that did not know what we were doing. The lock was a non event. You have to try the prime rib at Coinjock, MM49.3. Amazing! Hope to see you in GA. Leona and Harry s/v Selah

  3. Keep that cup (or stein) half full. Half empty is never an option. I hope Luna does not abandon ship. She doesn’t seem as committed as both of you. Love the dolphins . Watching them just brings everything back into a positive perspective. I forgot that Aldi has all those German treats. Next stop, I need to find one. You can never have enough goodies aboard. Keep your entertaining posts coming. Seas and Greetings!

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