Journey South Dec. 19th Chesapeake Virginia to Belheaven North Carolina – Best week yet!

We had a peaceful week working in Chesapeake City Virginia.

We had two days of beautiful weather and even managed on one day to do a lunch bicycle ride

and on another day a lunch time run through the swamps… Marcus wasn’t to amused that his feet got wet with his brand new running shoes, but neverless it was really gorgeous scenery and a good work out!

In between we admired our lovely free Dock – almost to good to be true…

On Thursday night it was my turn to organize an advent calendar surprise. Marcus loves Italian food and I found the raving review of an Italian Restaurant called Vino in walking distance from us. When I called the Restaurant they confirmed that we can sit outside. So I told Marcus to dress up in his ski cloth gear and off we went to eat the best mussel and clam soup ever in our lives! The rest of the food and wine was to die for too! I would dare say our best meal this year and the service was so beautiful despite we were the only one sitting outside.

People have been looking strangely at us sitting everywhere outside, but when we said we are from New York it seems to explain everything 🤣….

Friday afternoon Marcus finished work early and off we went to Lutz Creek. It was really cold and overcast – one of our hardest leg so far! Shortly before our anchorage we crossed into North Carolina – yeahhh!!!

On Saturday we watched a beautiful sunrise the forecast was as cold as yesterday, but the sun made a huge difference and did we tell you that Luna loves to travel on the boat…

When we entered the alligator river we saw a sail boat tied to a piling and he was calling Marcus on the radio and asked if he could give him a tow for the next 25 miles along the river…. We never have towed anybody so we were a bit hesitant in the beginning – even though he had no experience either – he made us feel comfortable to tackle the task.
First I tied his kind of short line to our boat, but then Marcus remembered we had a very long yellow floating line so we exchanged it and I felt much more comfortable to have the boat a bit further away from us. Then suddenly I see a big fishing boat roaring down the canal. Marcus tried to catch his attention on the radio and after a few attempts we were successful and learned how to be over taken towing a boat successfully.

Some impression of the rest of our day – Life is beautiful

On a side note…
this week has been like a little miracle

Inverter – after some more thoughts from our amazing ABYC Engineer it seems there is hope to have it running again

Generator seems to work like new – knock on wood!
– since Marcus cleaned the contacts and
– we donated to an amazing courages couple (who we follow and had much worse generator challenges):
and if you think we are courages, think again – they sold everything have 3 kids and 2 cats and are sailing full time in the Caribbean!) and
– Marcus started to audio record the start of the generator noise, to troubleshoot

– Marcus taped off our bedroom windows with plastic cover – works perfect and cost like nothing
– upper back side – after Colton Point Marina did the re-work….true magical not even a drop of rain…..

Conclusion there is hope or another way to put it like my friend Brigitte from Switzerland said:

And I see that you put a lot of energy into your projects…
Taking the train up a mountain doesn’t give you the same feeling of happiness than sweating and hiking up yourself😅.

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