Journey Going South – Dec. 20th – A long and rainy day

After a quiet evening anchoring at Belhaven, we started very early since the forecast of the day was rain. We thought let’s see how far we get and then just drop the anchor and go tomorrow all the way to Morehead NC.

Surprisingly the weather held up and besides some small showers we made some distance and drove from Upstairs. As soon as we thought “Hey we can do the entire trip today”, it started raining very hard. We were not giving up that easily so we started driving from downstairs in the dry. The view is not as good and the windscreen wipers are useless, but we still were able to continue.

Towards the end of our todays trip, Jolanda dripped over a cable and fell with head on over on an edge of a monitor on the floor…Lucky it was plastic and not our glass table edge…. It still turned out to be a light concussion and the area around her eyes started to change colors on Monday.

We couldn’t find an anchorage we liked and being cold, wet and not feeling the greatest, we decided to stay at a Marina. We made it to Morehead City Transient Marina. After the rain stopped, we were able to explore the town. We only found one restaurant which was serving food outside and 95% of the menu was meat. They were not busy so the chef did a special Buffalo Shrimp pizza on cauliflower crust. It was super delicious and they had good wine as well.

You can imagine that Luna was very happy to jump off board and explore the surroundings. On Monday we still had to work a bit and Jolanda did not feel that well so we did not explore too much. We will definitely coming back.

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2 Responses to Journey Going South – Dec. 20th – A long and rainy day

  1. Michaela Massani says:

    How is Jolanda now ? Is the concassion better?
    Thinking of both and wishing Jolanda a speedy recovery.
    One year ago we were skiing together..

  2. marcuseich says:

    Jolanda is doing well, we went out already yesterday on a bicycle trip. A lot has happened this year. Skiing with you and your kids seems like a long time ago. Hope we can go soon again. Merry Christmas Michelle

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