Our Journey South – Merry Christmas – Wilmington NC – Dec. 25th – Stuck on a Sandbank

On Tuesday Dec. 22nd we continued our journey on the ICW. Marcus drove most of the time and I worked – we enjoyed beautiful scenery including dolphins.

We anchored at Mile Hammock and Marcus surprised me for my Advent surprise with a German classic “Feuerzangenbowle” under the Stars.

December 23rd we started our day early. There was a storm arriving on December 24th and we wanted to make it to our Christmas location Port City Marina in Wilmington NC before the storm started.

I was making tea and suddenly some bangs….

We hit the ground and were stuck on a Sandbank…. opsi…. at mile marker 99A the only mile marker our friends and neighbors highlighted on their ICW map to be careful.

So let’s see how Boat US service is. We called and they said they will have somebody at our location in 45 minutes. Not bad if that is really true. Actually the Boat US boat arrived in about 30 minutes!!!! Wow!
He was super professional and had us pulled out in 5 minutes. Amazing service!

Unfortunately we had some vibration, but lucky not too bad so we still could continue our trip.

We arrived at Wilmington without further issues. Organized a diver and he confirmed that we only had minor prop damages which we decided to get fixed when we arrive in Charleston and we have more time.

We then explored Wilmington and fell in love!!!!!!

On the 24th in the morning we felt the boat smelled funny and the bilge pump worked too hard or was it it was not operated at all….
Anyway Marcus and I worked as a team to clean the smell (meaning clean up the bilge pump) and Marcus then tried to fix the toilette, but as of today we know that somehow there is a blockage somewhere. After testing the other toilettes – lucky we have 3 we think 2 work and our most important one doesn’t….

This didn’t hold us up to explore our new favored city further.
We did a “reindeer” tour and saw the old victorian beautifully restored houses…enjoyed fresh pressed juices – they had not just one but 2 juices shops (heaven for Jolanda), cute little coffee shops and many amazing stores and restaurants! Everybody was running or walking. The city had a very diversified young, old and active vibe and we did great Christmas shopping in small wonderful stores!

In the evening I cooked the best Cheese Fondue in my life and we enjoyed a beautiful evening together being grateful for each other and everything we have in life.

Merry Christmas to our beautiful friends and family

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3 Responses to Our Journey South – Merry Christmas – Wilmington NC – Dec. 25th – Stuck on a Sandbank

  1. Such a sweet story and I loved the happy ending. Beautiful fire roaring in the background! Merry Christmas and Ses and Greetings.

  2. Michaela Massani says:

    Merry Christmas my Friends! – Nice Little town, lovely houses. Incredible the places you discover, places you normally wouldn’t think of visiting. How far South do you plan to go?

    • Nancy LeMoine says:

      OMG!!!m You guys are on the move!! We loved Wilmington as well…we have an old friend from NJ (kids grew up together, we were in a dinner gourmet group together, etc.) whose family owns much of the historic shopping/dining buildings along the river (ie the Cotton Exchange). Had an AMAZING meal at a veggie focused restaurant there. Where are you now, where are you headed…let us know, you’re on our path and we may be able to provide fun tips!! Safe travels and have fun!! XOXO

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